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Convergence Consequences May Be Delayed


DC Comics co-publisher, Dan DiDio, recently gave interviews to both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources in which he discussed the lasting impact of the upcoming Convergence event.  While most of his answers were couched in typical publisher ambiguities, DiDio did have several comments that suggest that Convergence may have little lasting effects, at least in the way that many readers were expecting.  First, DiDio alluded to CBR that Convergence was never really planned to coincide with the Multiversity series by Grant Morrison and the timing was just “serendipitous.”


So as “Multiversity” was timing out we started building “Convergence.” Serendipitously, we found a way to really bring them up so one started as the other was coming to a conclusion, because even though they aren’t directly connected in story, they share the same DNA. More importantly, there are aspects of “Multiversity” now that appear in “Convergence” because of how well they fit into the storytelling that is “Convergence.”


He then later said that the plan for the initial months after Convergence would not account for what happens during the event itself.


We have a plan in place for June following our April and May stories, and honestly it just doesn’t take into account what’s coming in “Convergence.” But it really takes into account what we think is the essence of DC Comics, and really positions ourselves for the future. How’s that for being vague? [Laughter]


But then in his interview with Newsarama published that same day, DiDio commented that,


And ultimately, you know, we’re leaving every door open everywhere. We want to see what the reaction is, where the excitement is… because our goal is to reach as many people as possible. So the more people who get excited about ideas, the more that we’ll go back and see whether or not there’s this viable option on how to really capture whatever interest they’re showing in those characters.


So, while we know that Convergence is meant to further investigate the status of the DC multiverse after Flashpoint and the onset of the New 52, anything that might happen as a result of that will likely be delayed at least for a few months.  This could potentially be so that the company can see what kind of sales the event gets and which universes are the most successful before they decide whether to give readers more content from any of the coinciding continuities.


What all this means for the Batman universe and the many Batman characters and stories that will be featured is still unknown but it does suggest that whatever results there are will not be immediate.


Convergence takes place in April and May of 2015.

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