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Convergence Variant Cover Showcases Batman Redesign

Bleeding Cool has reported that the limited 1:100 variant cover of Convergence #1 will feature design sketches from Greg Capullo showing off his work on the “all-new Batman.”  TBU has already reported on the new design but this variant cover shows much more of the intricate detail behind the redesign than was available in the few solicited covers from June that we have already seen. Convergence #1 will be on sale April 7 and the “all-new Batman” will debut in Batman #41 in June.



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  • Adil

    I’ve been a follower of this website and several of the podcasts since December 2014, and suffice to say I’m a big fan of the work you all do. I’ve never posted a comment here before, but I was very concerned seeing the new design of Batman. Aesthetically I’m not a fan of the ears of the new suit, and I was very disappointed to see Batman holding a gun, as I believe using a gun is antithetical to the character of Bruce Wayne. Seeing this new frontal view of the suit has allayed my concerns somewhat, as the GCPD inscription below the right arm leads me to believe that it is not Bruce Wayne in the suit. I wonder if it could be Jason Bard or Jim Gordon or an entirely new character. It will be interesting to see how long DC decides to have this new iteration of Batman as the status quo before they bring back Bruce Wayne.