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Coyote Pop Releases Wave 3 of Batman Variant Hoodies


Coyote Pop has already begun what seems to be the most anticipated hoodies for DC and Batman fans. For the longest time, Coyote Pop designed DC and Marvel inspired hoodies that fans would love to purchase if and when these designs became a reality. Since late 2013, Pop began with its first wave with Marvel inspired Winter Soldier and Deadpool hoodies. Its second wave was the red and blue Nightwing hoodies that many fans gobbled up in purchase. For its third wave, Pop allowed the fans to pick their favorite Batman hoodies that were variants of pre-New 52 such as Green Lantern Batman, Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman, and a few others.


The fans have spoken, Pop recently put up the top four pre-New 52 Batman variant hoodies. The inspired hoodies are Batman Beyond, Sinestro Corp Batman (Fear), Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman, and Green Lantern Batman (Will). Each hoodies is $69.00 and can be shipped worldwide that will take about four to six weeks. Coyote Pop is on the rise of becoming the "It" DC inspired hoodies! The Nightwing hoodies are back up again for purchase, get it while its still hot! 


Posted by Kristina Collins

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