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Coyote Pop Limited Batman Themed Hoodies Revealed


You may seen this name before, Coyote Pop on some Deviantart images featuring concept designs of DC and Marvel related apparel.


Coyote Pop has finally started its own website with hoodies for sale. The first wave was Marvel themed hoodies featuring Winter Solider and Deadpool. Now, the second wave is out featuring Nightwing blue (pre-New 52) and red (New 52) hoodies. The hoodies are polyester with a printing technique that will allow full color of the apparel print. The artwork is printed onto heat-release paper and transferred onto the hoodies giving them a smooth-to-the touch feel that will not fade, crack, or peel off.


The Nightwing hoodies or all of the hoodies are in limited amount so when you finally see them on Coyote Pop's Facebook page or receive the email subscription. Purchase your favorite themed hoodie for $69.00, you can click here to get the Nightwing hoodies. Shipping costs for United States is $14.00, Canada $17.00, and worldwide for $25.00. You can expect the hoodies to ship out in 3-4 weeks within United States and 4-5 weeks outside of US.


Support Coyote Pop to get other Batman-themed hoodies such as Stephanie Brown's Batgirl and Robin, Red Hood, Damian Wayne's Robin, Red Robin, or different variations of Batman as hoodies. Below is the Robin Concept hoodies.



Posted by Kristina Collins

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  • Corbin

    These are so cool. I hope they continue to make more. 

  • Shaun

    Seriously fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLease tell me that the cross over bat hoodies and tee's will be coming out soon……..