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Crazy TBU Merchandise: License Plates in Australia

We all know that there is Batman merchandise almost at every store out there. But the crazy merchandise id what we are going to feature. If they can publish a book all about the craze that is known as Bat-manga, than you know there is tons of merchandise all over the world.


Now even thought this first piece is not that crazy, I am showing it for the fact that Warner Bros. can license just about anything. Available at the end of this month, Victoria, Australia will be offering license plates for vehicles featuring our favorite DC superheroes.


DC Comics License Plates


In the US, certain states offer sports themed license plates featuring fan favorite teams. The catch is that in order to purchase them, you are required to pay an additional vanity plate fee. The fee is donated to charities or good causes. I wonder where the proceeds go for these plates.


According to Comic Alliance these are not the only Warner Bros. characters getting the license plate treatment. What do you think? Would you buy a special license plate for your vehicle to don Batman?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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