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Damian: Son of Batman Announced as a New Mini-Series


While Damian Wayne met his end in the pages of Batman Incorporated a few months ago, that's not keeping him from staring in a brand new mini-series titled Damian: Son of Batman. This four issue mini-series will be written and drawn by Andy Kubert, and will tell the story of the alternate future where Damian becomes Batman. Here is what Kubert had to say about the new series.


"I had a big affinity for Damian when I drew Batman issue #666 (in 2007), I really liked that Batman and always wanted to revisit him. Damian is a bit different than the ‘Bruce Wayne’ Batman. Grant Morrison tweaked his character in a way that made it very endearing for me to draw. And to write. Basically, what I'm doing is exploring the path that Damian has taken to become Batman. I think readers will see him in a different light than before"


You can check out the full announcment over at the New York Post. The first issue of Damian: Son of Batman comes out on October 30th, 2013.


Posted by Dane Haji

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