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Damon Lindelof on Batman Digital

It was only about a month ago that it was announced that DC would be adding more digital first series to the current crop of Beyond titles and Smallville. One of the series is a non-canon Batman series that teams lots of creators together, in some cases, for the first time. Comic Book Resources talked with one of the creators of Lost who happens to be teaming with Jeff Lemire, Damon Lindelof. While there is not a lot of info to give on a ten page story, Lindelof does his best to share.


CBR: Realizing it's only 10 pages, what can you share with us about your story?


Damon Lindelof: All I can say is that there were two things that we both agreed upon that would make the story really interesting. The first was that the story had to, in some way, reference the origin story. That's what I wanted to do with my Superman story too, which was like, "Here is a story that everybody knows," and it doesn't matter if you've ever picked up a comic book in your life or you've read every single title. That's the common language that we all speak. We all say, "Buenos dias." It's not a re-telling of the origin story in any way, shape or form, but it scrapes the surface of that.


The second thing was to set this thing at a point early in Batman's career where he's still working out the kinks, as it were. One of the things that I really like about Jeff's writing that not a lot of people are doing right now in the industry is that it's funny. It's fun. It's not funny like a wink outside the panel where it's broad humor. There is just a sense of amusement about everything.


There is something about his art too that I just find doesn't take itself too seriously. But at the same time, deals with some very serious subject matter. Both in tone and the time in his life, the idea of doing a "Batman fucks up" story was alluring to both of us. We haven't seen a lot of those.


CBR: Any teases about who Batman is up against?


Damon Lindelof: No, but I can say is that who he is up against is the whole point of the story.


For the entire interview, including talk on how he got involved with the project, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batman, the digital series, will be available next month.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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