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Daniel Leaves Detective Comics

Detective Comics #11Tony Daniel has been a name that has been attached pretty regularly to The Batman Universe for almost five years. Daniel started off creating the art for some of the early Gran Morrison stories in Batman. As the events in The Batman Universe changed, Daniel took up writing as well during Batman: Battle for the Cowl. That eventually led to him writing and drawing the last issues of the first volume of Batman as well as the first issues of Detective Comics in the New 52.


Today, Daniel announced through his Facebook page, that he will be leaving Detective Comics. His last issue for writing duties will be twelve and his art will be seen a month later in Detective Comics #0.


My Batman/Detective run is coming to an end. My final written (and drawn) issue is Detective Comics #12. I'll be producing the art only for issue 0. It's been a long and adventurous journey for me, but there are other projects in the pipeline that I've been itching to do and I felt the need to scratch the itch. Next week DC will reveal some information on what one of the projects is I'm involved with. Then I'm gearing up for something I've wanted to do for a while in early 2013, a project where I hope to grow even more as an artist and a professional. It is top secret, and probably won't be revealed until the fall. I want to thank all my friends, family and fans for supporting me through these crazy last few years. Onward and Upward!


According to the post, one of his new projects could be announced as early as next week. While it doesn't seem that it will be in The Batman Universe, one question is left for The Batman Universe. Who will be taking over for Daniel on Detective Comics coming October?


Detective Comics has stayed pretty high in the sales charts since the New 52 launched, and it seems that DC might be announcing who will take Daniel's place in the next few weeks as solicitations and Comic Con edges closer.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Micah Evans

    praise be to batgod, he has heard our cries of mercy

  • Jon Roke

    I'm disappointed that he is going. I have really enjoyed his series run on Detective and Batman before that. The criticisms  that get leveled at Daniel to me always seem an unfair attack. Sure he creates new characters and of course not all of them stick, however that is not something that only he does. Scott Snyder the new darling of the Batman comics does it all the time. He has created an entire new society that we have now only just discovered and are there every time you see an owl. Will the talons go down as a great society….no of course not. But its something that only people attack Daniels over. Yes sometimes he does drop plot points and things get forgotten. But again i can find you a number of writers who do exactly the same thing. The thing people don't do is let Daniel just unfold the story. He is one of those writers who trundles along at his own pace creating a little universe and eventually every thing ties up. Look at Battle for the Cowl that is not a wham bam series with the constant fighting that populates other comics. It runs at its own pace and resolves itself in a rip roaring way.
    It would be interesting to see how many new readers enjoy his stuff vs the older readers, who have been in the batman universe longer.
    Besides he is constantly in the top five of the comics sales charts so he must be doing something right. 

  • Micah Evans

    You know, I used to think Daniel was alright when I was reading his stuff issue by issue, up through late in his batman run. I was okay with the idea that there was an artist trying his hand at writing, and he was attempting some more traditional batman stories in the wake of all of the wonderful and radical changes in the batman universe at the time.
    Then, a few months before the new 52, I went back and read through daniel's entire run to see how it held up, and, well, it was just flippin terrible. Daniel consistently struggled to find his footing with the storytelling, and all the way up through his current issue of detective, he's just wavered between bad and worse. Ideas are presented in a vague, confusing manner, and plot points are constantly introduced that go nowhere at all. There are so many fundamental aspects of plot progression and character development that Daniel doesn't seem to grasp, and it especially stands out when examining his work closely and as a whole. I might feel better about his work in the batman universe if I saw some indication that he was improving as a writer and learning from some of his mistakes. From what I've seen, he doesn't seem to even realize that he's making mistakes.
    I only wish he had been as humble as david finch at recognizing his strengths and weaknesses as comics creators, and neither of them are writers.
    And I don't buy for a second that because there are other writers making poor decisions or writing poor stories that that excuses daniel's weaknesses for a second, and I don't think in a million years that you can compare james jr. and the court of owls who were both used quite effectively and ganered critical and fan acclaim, to daniel's constant introduction of evil sidekick/family members that he'll bring into a story and do nothing with. (catigrl, enigma, eli strange)

  • Jon Roke

    Thats where I differ completely from you I enjoy rereading Daniels. I think he does tie up alot of his plot lines. Charlotte Rivers has been tied up in this latest issue. Battle for the cowl was an excerlent self contained series. I do agree his strength is in artwork rather than writing. He can be confusing at times. 
    I did not say that because there are poor writers that excuses him. What I said was that there are writers who make the same mistakes as Daniels but he is the only one who gets attacked for it. 
    Again some of his characters wont hang around and I have been critical of some of his stupid sidekicks. However if people will call him out for creating new characters but not call out others for doing so then that seems to me to be unfair. I think court of owls has in my opinion been a terrible storyline that has been solved in this months release on such a poor ending its unbelievable. You can compare characters all the time and to me the court of owls are just a poor mans league of assassins. But that wasnt really my point what it is, is that Daniels seems to be being attacked for doing what exactly other writers are doing and that just doesnt seem something that is a fair criticism.