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Daniel on Bruce's Future in 'Tec

This September, one of DC Comics longest running series is getting renumbered, and Tony Daniel is the creator with the responsiblity of relaunching it. Detective Comics #1 will feature both writing and art by Daniel. Newsarama talked with Daniel about what we can expect come September.


Detective Comics #1Newsarama: Is there a little leeway you have since most people know the basics about Batman, or are you really approaching this as a new #1?


Tony Daniel: Everyone gets Batman. Everyone knows who Bruce Wayne is. Who Alfred is, who the Joker is. Someone new jumping in won’t be lost. Because of how familiar the general public is with the Batman franchise, there isn’t a big need for reintroductions. But this is still being approached with new readers in mind.


Newsarama: With several new #1 Batman comics being published in September, what's different about your Detective Comics?


Tony Daniel: I think the tone. The shorter stories. The big art. It will be different from what I’ve done before and different from the other Bat books.


Newsarama: Is there anything you want to tell fans about the general premise of the book?


Tony Daniel: The premise is suspense/crime-thriller. If I could describe it in a word, it would be ‘hardcore.’


For the entire interview, including talk about how Daniel landed Detective Comics, head over to Newsarama. Detective Comics #1 featuring Daniel's work hits stores this September.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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