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Daniel on Detective Comics

Detective Comics hits stores this week. While this doesn't seem like a surprise since the series is the longest running series since it launched in 1937, this issue will be the first time that the series has had a number one in over seventy years. Tony Daniel has been charged with the relaunch of this title in both writing and drawing. IGN caught up with Daniel and asked him a few questions about his work on the "new" series.


Detective Comics #1IGN: The cover for issue #1 displays The Joker quite prominently. Should we expect Detective to hold the Clown Prince of Crime's introduction into the New DCU? And how, if at all, is your iteration of the Joker different from what's come before?


Tony Daniel: The first issue has a lot of Joker in it. But there's a bigger story, and we'll find at the end of issue one, we've only just peeled back one layer of multilayered crime story. My take on Joker sort of merges Grant Morrisson's and my interpretation from R.I.P with more of a classic Joker. We hit the ground running, so we won't see this as a new introduction to the Joker, but we still get the sense Batman is still learning what makes this guy tick.


IGN: What can you tell us about this new villain – the Dollmaker – and the threat he poses to Batman and Gotham City?


Tony Daniel: Dollmaker is new to Gotham and he's come here to make a name for himself. He has a history with Commissioner Gordon and a vendetta to fulfill. This maniac and his family of helpers like to make doll's out of their victims. They create the ultimate collectibles. They're truly a disturbed bunch who really could use some rehabilitation inside Arkham Asylum. On the flip side, they donate their victim's organs to the black market to save lives.


IGN: The solicitation for issue #2 also suggests a new romantic interest for Bruce Wayne. Where have his romances failed him in the past, and is there really any room for a relationship with his life as Batman?


Tony Daniel: Well, we're early in here on when Batman even exists, so naturally we're at a point where Bruce still might have hope for some sense of normalcy when he's not breaking kneecaps as the Dark Knight. Her name is Charlotte Rivers and she is an investigative reporter who challenges Bruce Wayne. And Bruce Wayne is a challenge for her and seeing that she's a smart cookie, she knows there's more than meets the eye with her lover. But it makes good drama and conflict to see how a romantic relationship tries to work out with all the odds stacked against it, forcing it to fight for its survival.


For the entire interview, including talk about possible new characters that could make their way into the series, head over to IGN. Detective Comics #1 hits stores this Wednesday, September 7.

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