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Daniel Switches Gears to 'Tec and Bruce

Last week it was announced that Tony Daniel would be moving over to Detective Comics from Batman and be writing Bruce Wayne in the cowl for the first time since his writing run. Comic Book Resources had a chance to talk with Daniel about what we can expect to see from his upcoming work on 'Tec.


Detective Comics #1CBR: What did you learn from your previous writing gigs on "Battle for the Cowl" and "Batman" and collaborating with Grant Morrison that prepares you for this next major assignment? Do you need to go bigger with your ideas? Tighten the scope? Take more risks? Take less risks?


Tony Daniel: I think I retain traits and methods that I find organic to my way of thinking. I pick up things here and there from everywhere. From Grant, I learned what a master craftsman he is. He plans a long way out. I certainly admire his ability to pull the strings and to lift the curtains to unveil only what he wants to. He knows how to work the audience.


But to answer your question, what did I learn that I'll carry over to "Detective?" I think there's a natural growth that comes with doing. I've learned something from each book and each arc I've done so far. When you can look back and see where your missteps were that means you just grew a little bit.


I approach each story differently. But certainly, the ideas will be bigger here. Much bigger. I think writing Bruce has a lot to do with that. I kept the Dick Grayson stories as compact as possible. Sort of like renting an apartment — you don't start doing construction and changing things because you don't own it. Bruce though, well that's a different story. He is Batman. It's okay to go out on a limb because Batman can handle the consequences.


CBR: Like you said, you're writing Bruce Wayne now instead of Dick, Tim or even Damian. He's obviously the most iconic of the Batmans, but what separates Bruce Wayne's voice from the other superheroes who sought the cowl?


Tony Daniel: Bruce is Batman. The original. The icon. There's a certain weight he holds that no one can come close to. I can tell you he certainly isn't light hearted when he's wearing the cowl. He won't be cracking jokes. He'll be too busy planning your downfall and then executing it. Damn that sounds good.


CBR: Ok. One more Bat query before we change gears to "The Savage Hawkman." We've also been teased that Bruce Wayne is on the trail of a dangerous serial killer known only as the Gotham Ripper. What can you tell us about this new villain and what other details can you share about your first arc?


Tony Daniel: I can't reveal a whole lot. But this is no ordinary serial killer. He proves no one is safe in Gotham. We will learn his true name in September, but the police and the news media have dubbed him the Gotham Ripper because of the gruesome similarities to Jack the Ripper.


For the entire interview, including Daniel's thoughts on writing DC's flagship title, head over to Comic Book Resources. For now you can catch Daniel's work in the pages of Batman and in September with Detective Comics #1.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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