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Bats Out of Hell Tie-Ins Announced While a Hawkman Mystery is Uncovered

If you think DC’s current Metal crossover event is going to slow down anytime soon you don’t know DC. Announced today and dubbed Bats out of Hell, this series of tie-ins span later October and November in The Flash #33, Justice League #32, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32, and Justice League #33, which will follow our heroes as they engage in an all-out battle with the evil versions of Batman that will be plaguing the main DC universe.


And if epic battles aren’t enough to get you on the Dark Nights: Metal hype-train, then perhaps the return of Carter Hall in the Hawkman Found one-shot in December will be your round-trip ticket. Written by Jeff Lemire, this tells the tale of a mysterious man searching for what happened to Hall, a man who went from reincarnating since the dawn man to simply vanishing. Wherever the answer lies, it will tie into the larger Metal event.


Where will this event lead, and will it have a larger impact on the DC Universe? Time will tell. Hawkman: Found #1 will go on sale December 20.

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