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David Finch Leaves TDK For JLA

Batman: The Dark Knight #0Yesterday, we reported that David Finch would be teaming up with Geoff Johns on the new Justice League of America series. We poised the question on how this would affect The Batman Universe. It appears that as predicted, David Finch will be leaving Batman: The Dark Knight. Comic Book Resources talked to Finch about the upcoming series, but the question of his current work came up as well.


CBR: This marks the end of your run with "Batman: The Dark Knight," correct?


David Finch: Yeah, I only have another two issues of "Batman: The Dark Knight" and then I'm done.


So that leaves the question of who will be replacing Finch on Batman: The Dark Knight. The book has had solid sales numbers since its debut despite it having some issues with the writing. For more on Finch's work on Justice League of America, head over to Comic Book Resources. As to what issue is actually Finch's last, the solicitations will most likely announce that.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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