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DC 75th Anniversary Contest

We have teamed up with Warner Bros. to bring you some prizes in celebration of DC Comics' 75th anniversary. In celebration of this event Warner Bros. has made tons of movies and TV shows based off of DC Comic's characters available for download and On Demand.


Celebrate 75 years of DC Comics with films and TV series inspired by some of the most popular SUPER HEROES including BATMAN, SUPERMAN and other iconic DC Comics characters. To celebrate this milestone, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution is highlighting dozens of movies and shows that are available For Download on iTunes, WBshop.com and more; and via (cable) On Demand on Comcast, Time Warner Cable and others.


With On Demand and Download fans can watch their DC favorites virtually anytime, anywhere. Highlights include the blockbuster film THE DARK KNIGHT with Extras on iTunes, all SUPERMAN movies, and full length DC Universe animated original movies including GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT, BATMAN UNDER THE RED HOOD, SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY and more. Individual episodes and complete seasons of fan favorite DC inspired TV series are also available for download in HD including the complete series of SMALLVILLE, HUMAN TARGET and BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.


All you have to do to win the prize is send us an email to contest@thebatmanuniverse.net telling us what DC Comics character you want to see be made into a film or TV series. It does not have to be a character within The Batman Universe. It could someone considered unpopular like The Ten-Eyed Man. Send your responses to us no later than August 15. The most creative responses will be picked. We will pick two winners and Warner Bros. will send you one of the two prizes we have shown below. Also keep in mind that we may use your ideas to post on the site and that your name will be linked to the idea.





Posted by Dustin

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  • Josh Brown

    A film about the Joker would be excellent. Provided you can get an actor to play him right, his multiple background stories could be explored as well as his relationship with Batman. I'd love to see a movie that just follows him on a regular day, ducking the Bat and interacting with other Super-Criminals.

  • Calvin Nakamoto

    How about Mary Marvel?  I'm getting a little jaded with all the tough, nail chewing women heroines out there.  The sweet innocence of Mary Marvel like she was depicted in Kevin Maguire's Justice League would be like a breath of fresh air.  It would also be pretty funny.  Teaming her up  with just about anybody would be funny.   Can you imagine Mary Marvel going on a date?  And who would be her nemesis?  How would she deal with sombebody like catwoman?  I'm laughing just thinking about all the possibilities…