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DC Announces Guest Creators for October and November

Red Hood and the Outlaws #14The Source has revealed that a few of the Bat-books will be getting guest creators coming this October and November. While some were already revealed during the solicitations that were released in July, the solicitations for November are less than a week away.


First up is an announcement that was hinted at in the solicitations for October. Nightwing #13-14 will be written by Tom DeFalco, with art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin. The story sets Nightwing against Lady Shiva, as she is first seen in Kyle Higgins' Nightwing #0.


Nightwing series editor Brian Cunningham shared this about the story. "In this story, both Dick and Shiva have grown up some since their first encounter—they’re not teenagers anymore—so it’ll be fun to see how each fares in a fair fight. Wait, did I say fair fight? Forget it—Shiva remains by far the better fighter, so it’s up to Dick to find a way just stay alive!"


The other Bat-book getting a guest creator is Red Hood and the Outlaws #14. Guest artist Pascal Alixe will team with series regular writer Scott Lobdell.


Series editor Eddie Berganza hinted at to why Superman is on the cover. "Superman vs. the Outlaws!! Even with Starfire, it’s a short fight—but what a fight! Now what brings the Man of Steel on the trail of Red Hood and company will be leading into bigger things for both this book and SUPERMAN. Stay tuned!"


With the solicitations set to drop early next week, stay tuned for any other creator changes that are announced.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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