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SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles BTAS Line Shown Off


Action Figure Insider was in attendence for DC Collectibles Preview night at Comic Con International. A number of items were shown off for what is coming in the next year, but one that specifcally belongs to The Batman Universe is their upcoming Batman: The Animated Series line.



They showed off a bunch of new figures, some of which are only in the concept phase of production. Killer Croc and Babydoll, which will be packaged together, are part of series 3 along with Robin (Tim Drake), Creeper and Harley Quinn. Batgirl was on display for series 4 and will release along side Riddler, Penguin and Batman (Batman: The Animated Series). Roxy Rocket was also shown in the form of her rocket alone, but no photos were allowed.



Series 1 releases this November. Series 2 is scheduled for this December. Series 3 is planned for March 2015, while Series 4 is planned for July 2015.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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