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Batgirl and Supergirl Make a Pit Stop at the Gotham City Garage

This story is getting filed under “Add to My Amazon Wish List.” Hot off the heels of announcing a new comic book series based off their Gotham City Garage line, DC Collectibles has revealed via Nerdist two new statues for collectors to feverishly start clearing space for on their shelves. Say hello to the grungy, rebel motorcycle-riding versions of Batgirl and Supergirl.

No stranger to a bike, Batgirl is clad in black and yellow leather with a similarly colored bike that seems to be forever launching over rocky terrain.

Supergirl, meanwhile eschews a motorcycle all together in favor of demonstrating her super strength, which seems to be just as present in this universe as in the mainstream continuity. Her redesign seems to combine both her Superman: The Animated Series cropped t-shirt with a practical blue and red colored jacket, pants, and boot combination. Also looks like Kara is no stranger to ink.


If you’re looking to add Babs and Kara’s Gotham City Garage incarnations to your collection, they’ll set you back $350 and $125 respectively.

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