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DC Collectibles: Injustice Batman and Joker Figures Revealed

DC Collectibles has posted their Q&A installment to open lines of communication between the company and collectors. These Q&A's will be posted twice a month to give collectors a chance to ask questions about DC Collectibles. See some of the Q&A below regarding New 52 Teen Titans and the Injustice Batman & Joker figures coming soon.


DC Collectibles Injustice JokerHey everyone!


In an effort to keep the communication lines as open as possible, starting today and occurring twice a month, DC Collectibles will be answering some of the questions posted here on our Facebook page. Check out the answers to questions asked over the past few weeks!


Q: Are the Teen Titans Figures sold individually or as a 3-pack?
A: Our Teen Titan Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl Action Figures are each sold separately.


Q: I'm still hoping for Batman and The Joker Injustice figures. With the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, will we finally receive Batman and The Joker figures?
A: We can't hold on to this secret forever! Do to the large amount of questions regarding these two figures, we're happy to announce that we'll be releasing Injustice: Gods Among Us: Batman and The Joker 3.75" Action Figures later this year. Check out the work in progress picture of The Joker attached to this post!


There are some Bat-fans who do not like the Injustice Batman costume, so there might not be a huge demand for the action figure. However, Injustice: Gods Among Us has a good fan base from the game and from Tom Taylor's (new writer of Earth 2) digital comic book based on the game. There might be just enough fans who want both Injustice Batman & Joker 3.75" Action Figures. There is no set date or retail price at this time, it will probably come out in a solicitation very soon.


You can go to DC Collectibles and ask questions on their Facebook page, hopefully they'll pick your question for the month.  To see more of the Q&A for other DC and Batman products discussed this month please click here to read more.


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