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DC Comics TBU Solicitations Breakdown for March 2018

DC Comics has released the solicitations for March and as always there is a ton happening in The Batman Universe. There are new story arcs and ones wrapping up as usual. A relatively slow month as far as announcements go, but a number of current miniseries will be having their final issues in March. Here is what you can expect.


Starting off with major story elements, the Poison Ivy arc in Batman continues while a new arc in Detective kicks off called Batman Eternal which could see the beginning of a new direction for Tim Drake. After seeing the men of Gotham targeted over the past few months in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, the Batgirl series states that women are being attacked throughout Gotham. Batwoman features a new story arc called “The Fall of the House of Kane” which continues the speculation of what direction the character is going at being at odds with the team in Detective Comics. Harley Quinn is still dealing with Penguin in her series. We could learn more about Huntress’s history as she is called to testify at her mother’s parole hearing in Birds of Prey. In the pages of Justice League, the League and the Justice League of America have a team-up. Finally, over in Justice League of America the arc wraps and a new one featuring Chronos begins.


Creator changes sees Javier Fernandez taking over art for at least two issue on Detective Comics and Scott Godlewski takes over art on Batgirl.


There is only one new series beginning this month, but it is actually taking the place of a previous series that was never officially ended. Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. jumps into the future and see the first issue release in March. Batman: Creature of the Night does not have it’s final issue solicited which leads us to believe that the final issue will release in April instead. Meanwhile Batman and the Signal, The Shadow/Batman, Gotham City Garage, Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica and Ragman all conclude (as well as the previously advanced solicited Dark Nights: Metal, which releases its final issue on March 14), which means we could be seeing a fresh group of miniseries start in April.


Doomsday Clock takes the first of its two scheduled months off in March. Also, there has been a number of DC titles that decreased their issues per month recently. Some titles went from having two issues per month to switching back to the single issue per month. While no TBU titles were affected by the change, Trinity for some reason has two issues releasing in March compared to the normal one issue. Interestingly, the price reflects the normal single issue per month price compared to the $2.99 price tag the bi-monthly titles have.


Finally, some TBU characters will be appearing in some other titles that do not fall under our normal coverage. In Deadman #5, Ra’s al Ghul becomes the main focus for the Neil Adams series. The Hellblazer #20 sees Huntress make an appearance.


Check out the gallery of some of the covers coming in March and the full details on the releases below.


Batman #40-41 [3/7-3/21] Story by TOM KING; art by MIKEL JANIN; #41: “Everyone Loves Ivy,” part two! Poison Ivy has taken control of every man, woman and child on the planet, and only Batman and Catwoman have escaped her influence. But will the pair of them be enough to nip this in the bud?  #42: “Everyone Loves Ivy,” part three! The quest to end Ivy’s domination heads toward a close, but can Batman offer Ivy redemption on the other side of this crime? It’s an epic showdown between the Caped Crusader and one of his most popular foes, brought to you by the creative team behind “The War of Jokes and Riddles.” 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Detective Comics #976-977 [3/14-3/28] Story by JAMES TYNION IV; art by JAVIER FERNANDEZ; #976: “Batmen Eternal,” part one! With his team completely shattered, Batman must confront Red Robin about the future of their partnership…if there even is one!  #977: “Batmen Eternal,” part two! Batwoman has reunited with her father, and leadership of the Colony is in her hands…but should she take it? And if she does, what is she supposed to do about a problem like Batman? 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #5 [3/21] Written by JAMES TYNION IV; Art by FREDDIE E. WILLIAMS II; A Venom-charged Donnie wages a brutal, one-Turtle war on the Foot Clan. Batman has to stop him and remind him of who he really is; someone who uses smarts — not brawn — to take down the bad guys. Damian and Raphael pay a visit to the Lazarus Pit to try and help a wounded Splinter. Then Batman tries to turn a former foe into an ally as part of a desperate attempt to finally end the reign of Bane 32 pg, $3.99 US, 5 of 6.


Batman: White Knight #6 [3/07] Story and art by SEAN MURPHY. Gotham City’s strongest alliance comes to an end when Gordon’s trust in Batman reaches its limit. On the verge of resignation, the commissioner attempts a final act of public service, but an unlikely intervention allows the Dark Knight to fight another day. Meanwhile, Jack’s mission takes a hit when his pills lose effect — and under cover of all this chaos, Neo Joker is positioned to take the city hostage.  32 pg, $3.99 US, 6 of 8.


The Shadow/Batman #6 [3/7] Written by STEVE ORLANDO; Art by GIOVANNI TIMPANO For centuries, the Silent Seven has held Earth in its evil grip…but nothing lasts forever. The Shadow and Batman have infiltrated the Seven’s personal stronghold, hidden off the map and away from history, at great personal cost. They didn’t expect to find one of their own standing against them once they arrived. It’s Robin versus Batman with society itself in the balance as the Shadow steps into the one place even he has feared to go: The Deadly Mind of Shiwan Khan. Can three generations of crimefighting overcome centuries of evil? It’s a crucible they can only overcome through the one thing none of them have: trust. 32pg, $3.99 US, 6 of 6.



Bane: Conquest #10 [3/7] Written by CHUCK DIXON; Art by GRAHAM NOLAN;  To take on Kobra on its own turf, Bane will need an army. But what he needs and what he has are two different things…and what he has is twelve damned souls willing to follow him into Hell for a billion-dollar payday. But first they must be battle-tested and Bane-approved. And what better test than the abduction of one of Kobra’s elite? The action is building to a fever pitch and breakneck pace as this gangster epic roars toward its conclusion.  32 pg, $3.99 US, 10 of 12.


Batgirl #21 [3/28] Written by HOPE LARSON; Art by SCOTT GODLEWSKI; After a series of attacks targeted toward women sweeps Burnside, Batgirl begins a thorough investigation to find the perpetrator. But she’s not the only one searching; Commissioner Gordon is on the hunt, too! Can this father-daughter duo put their differences aside long enough to crack the case? 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #20 [3/14] Written by JULIE BENSON and SHAWNA BENSON; Art by ROGE ANTONIO; “Full Circle,” part two! With the Birds of Prey fractured by last issue’s events, the team must set aside their feelings of mistrust and work together to find the Calculator. Huntress wrestles with her feelings when she’s called to testify on behalf of her mother at a parole hearing, but is Helena ready to forgive her after everything they’ve been through? And while Black Canary struggles with her powers and Batgirl battles her guilt over keeping secrets from her teammates, the Calculator’s robotic assassin, Burnrate, makes an unwelcome return! 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Batman Beyond #18 [3/28] Written by DAN JURGENS; Art by PHIL HESTER and ANDE PARKS; “The Long Payback,” part five! Payback’s vengeance against Batman is almost at hand, but the Dark Knight’s allies won’t let him perish without a fight. When help does arrive, will Payback decide that killing those closest to Batman is the sweetest revenge?  32 pg, $3.99 US.


Batman and The Signal #3 [3/7] Written by SCOTT SNYDER and TONY PATRICK; Art by CULLY HAMNER; As the sun sets, chaos erupts and the Bat-Family jumps into action to help the Signal (a.k.a. Duke Thomas) against the mysterious Gnomon and his minions. While his allies keep the battle going on the streets, Duke must go above and beyond to track down the malicious man who has single-handedly caused the dangerous boom in meta-activity in the Narrows. Little does he know, Gnomon holds the key to his past and the future of heroes in Gotham City!  32 pg, $3.99 US, 3 of 3.


Batwoman #13 [3/21] Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT; Art by FERNANDO BLANCO; “The Fall of the House of Kane” part one! After her deadly trip around the world hunting the infamous Many Arms of Death, Batwoman returns to her childhood home in Brussels, the site of her most brutal losses and memories. As the clock begins to tick on a new cycle of violence, Kate must overcome her haunted past to prevent an attack more terrible than any before! 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Harley Quinn #39-40 [3/07-3/21] Written by FRANK TIERI; art by INAKI MIRANDA (39) MIRKA ANDOLFO (40); #39: “Angry Bird,” part three! So far, Harley’s been able to take everything the Penguin threw at her in their war to keep him out of New York City — but he’s been holding one of Gotham City’s vilest villains in reserve! How will Harley keep her cool when the Penguin unleashes that frosty fiend, Mr. Freeze?  #40: “Angry Bird,” part four! After the death of Mason Macabre, Harley refuses to put any more of her friends in harm’s way…but what happens when they just won’t stay out of it? Does Harley’s vow to keep them safe extend to getting herself killed? Or will she accept a little help from her friends?  32 pg, $2.99 US.


Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #6 [3/07] Written by PAUL DINI and MARC ANDREYKO; Art by LAURA BRAGA; The Gotham City girls are heading back to Riverdale after making a brief detour to Sabrina’s house. With any luck, they’ll get home before the real super-villains manage to cause any more trouble at the future home of Lodge’s Sweetwater Centre. And before Ronnie’s reputation is ruined by Ivy’s scholarly pursuits!  32 pg, $3.99 US, 6 of 6.


Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. #1 [3/28] Written by JODY HOUSER; Art by IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA; After the fallout of Milk Wars, Violet Paige finds herself in a Gotham City unlike any we have seen before. Ten years into the future, in a world without a Batman, Gotham City has been taken over by the Collective, with Gala acting as Head of Citystate. In a high-tech town with zero tolerance toward caped crusaders and masked vigilantes (except for those designed by Gala and her association of aristocratic artisans), what’s a woman who has vowed vengeance to do? And what’s happened to her mother, Rebecca Paige? Perhaps The Joker, now a sad clown who makes balloon toys shaped like tommy guns and machetes on the abandoned Gotham docks, has the answers. Find out for yourself as Mother Panic returns to a different Bat-time, different Bat-channel. 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Nightwing #40-41 [3/7-3/21] Written by Sam Humphries; Art by BERNARD CHANG; #40: “The Untouchable: Deep Dive.” He’s already been shot and stabbed, and there’s no end in sight for Nightwing as he’s forced to face off against the League of Limousine Assassins in the Silver Springs Casino! Meanwhile, the Judge’s rise to power culminates with his most explosive move yet.  #41: “The Untouchable — Final Judgment.” Nightwing has twice failed to stop the Judge — and if he falters a third time, Dick Grayson may never recover! “The Untouchable” reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion as Nightwing corners his nemesis. Will the Judge find a way to corrupt the most incorruptible man in Bludhaven, or will Nightwing find a way to bring hope back to his adopted city and stop the Judge’s reign of terror? 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Ragman #6 [3/14] Story by RAY FAWKES; art by INAKI MIRANDA; After making the ultimate sacrifice, Ragman has fallen right into Z’Dargill’s trap. With the help of his friends’ spirits, Ragman must will himself to return to the battlefield and defeat Z’Dargill once and for all. The epic finale of Ragman is here! 32 pg, $2.99 US, 6 of 6.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #20 [3/14] Story by SCOTT LOBDELL; Art by DEXTER SOY; “”Henched!” Have you been thinking about breaking bad? There’s never been a better time help your favorite super-villain take over the world, defeat an archnemesis or rob a bank. Even the bad guys need a little help, and with the Henched app you can find the perfect evil boss for you! Just don’t be surprised if Red Hood and the Outlaws show up to your budding henchmen convention and stop your dreams dead in their tracks.  32 pg, $2.99 US.



Justice League #40-41 [3/07-3/21] Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIEST; Art by PETE WOODS; #40: “Justice Lost,” part one! Trapped aboard the crippled Watchtower, the combined Justice League and Justice League of America teams clash over leadership and the urgent question of who can be rescued…and who will be left behind. Meanwhile, the Green Lanterns face critical choices over how to deal with the League’s two most powerful figures!  #41: “Justice Lost,” part two! What does justice mean in a lawless world? This is the question the team must struggle with when the League finds itself trapped between warring factions, helpless refugees and mercenaries with advanced weaponry, all manipulated by Deathstroke’s frenemy the Red Lion. Meanwhile, Batman forces a showdown between himself and the League’s biggest fan. 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Justice League of America #26-27 [3/14-3/28] Written by STEVE ORLANDO; Art by MIGUEL MENDONCA (26) and HUGO PETRUS (27); #26: “New Life and Death” finale! As the battle for the soul of Angor rages on, Batman and Black Canary face Lord Havok and his mad army of loyal servants. But it will be up to the Adjudicator to decide who will have any say over Angor’s rebuilding — and who will die!  #27: “Dawn of Time,” part one! Chronos has spent his criminal career being defeated by Ray Palmer and the Justice League. But now he’s discovered a way to beat them: by traveling back in time to stop the concept of super heroes from ever coming to be, because a world without the Justice League is a world he can rule! How can the team follow him through the timestream to stop his mad plan? 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Suicide Squad #37-38 [3/14-3/28] Written by ROB WILLIAMS; art by JOSE LUIS AND MACK GRAY; #37: “Drain the Swamp,” finale! Hack is out for blood now that her killer has stepped forward. While the Squad tries to protect themselves from Hack’s onslaught, Waller does everything she can to keep her secrets buried.  #38: “Tear Down the Wall,” part one! With the success of the new government-sanctioned program, the Wall, the Squad is facing potential decommissioning from the Wall himself! The team faces down the one-man platoon as their lives hang in the balance.  32 pg, $2.99 US.


Super Sons #14 [3/21] Written by PETER J. TOMASI; Art by CARLO BARBERI; “Mother’s Day” part two! Talia al Ghul is back in Damian’s life, for better and for worse! As the world’s deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future, Superboy finds himself caught in the middle. But the specter of Damian’s murderous past life has shaken the bond between the Super Sons, and the body count is far from final. 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Teen Titans #18 [3/28] Written by BENJAMIN PERCY; Art by ALLISON BORGES; ORIGINALLY SOLICITED FOR ISSUE #17 “The Following” part two! When Robin’s murder investigation casts suspicion on Beast Boy’s new employer, Nevrland, Beast Boy finds himself the odd man out on the Teen Titans. Caught between his best friends and his new purpose in life, Beast Boy sets out to prove that Nevrland is completely above board…but what he finds will lead Beast Boy down a dangerous path! 32 pg, $3.99 US.


The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #2 [3/21] Written by LIAM SHARP; Art by LIAM SHARP; Batman finds himself drawn further into a world of Celtic myth and supernatural mysteries as Wonder Woman calls on the Dark Knight Detective to investigate the murder of a once-powerful Irish god. In a world where the normal rules of investigation don’t apply and any clue can be obscured by charms and magic, the two Justice Leaguers must rely on each other to unlock a murder someone is trying to hide.  32 pg, $3.99 US, 2 of 6.


Titans #21 [3/14] Written by DAN ABNETT; art by PAUL PELLETIER & ANDREW HENNESSY; “Titans Apart,” part two! Arsenal hits rock bottom when he is betrayed by his closest ally and left for dead, and to make matters worse, his oldest friends, the former Titans, don’t seem to trust him anymore. How far will Roy Harper go to discover the truth behind the conspiracy that no one else can see? And will the truth set him free…or will it destroy him?
32 pg, $3.99 US.


Trinity #19-20 [3/14-3/28] Written by JAMES ROBINSON; Art by PATCH ZURCHER; #19: “No Home for you Here” part three! War has erupted on Skartaris, and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are caught in the middle and fighting for their very survival! As Deimos’ army lays siege to Shamballah, Jennifer Morgan reveals the core of the conflict to the Trinity: control of time itself! The shocking conclusion that will leave the fate of one of the closest confidants of our heroes in deadly question! #20: “Man Down” part one! As the Trinity deals with the fallout of the battle for Skartaris, each set out to search for the missing Steve Trevor. But looming on the horizon are the magical armies of Deimos and their plan to lay siege to the entire planet! Deimos’ true goal will bring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to their knees!. 32 pg, $3.99 US.



Batman: Sins of the Father #2 [3/21] Written by CHRISTOS GAGE; Art by RAFFAELE IENCO; It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse as Batman tries to stop Deadshot from killing former Arkham Asylum employees, while also trying to determine just who he is and why he’s targeting them. Then Batman goes up against the Black Spider — does he work for Deadshot or one of the new mystery figures making waves in the Gotham underworld? DIGITAL FIRST, 32 pg, $2.99 US, 2 of 6.


Bombshells United #13-14 [3/07-3/21] Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT; art by SANDY JAMES (#13) and DAVID HAHN (#14); #13: The Batgirls are back…but some will be called to leave Gotham City behind. Alysia and Felicity head for Hawaii to investigate the mysterious radio signals causing trouble across the world, but they find a new voice for the revolution!  #14: The islands explode with danger as a mysterious and malevolent radio signal mutates all who hear it! DIGITAL FIRST, 32 pg, $3.99 US.


Injustice 2 #21-22 [3/07-3/21] Story by TOM TAYLOR; art by MIKE S. MILLER (#21) & BRUNO REDONDO & JUAN ALBARRAN & MIKE S. MILLER (#22); #21: Booster Gold trains Blue Beetle, while over in Kahndaq, Wonder Woman trains Supergirl. Damian heads to Gorilla City to join Ra’s al Ghul and his allies, only to walk into the middle of Grodd’s rebellion against King Solovar.  #22: Then, the Gorilla City rebellion explodes, putting Ra’s al Ghul and his mission in jeopardy. It’s up to the Suicide Squad to get him out alive — but Ra’s has a trick or two up his sleeve. Later, Amazo is sent on another mission of mass destruction, but a new champion wearing the “S” shield is out to stop him. DIGITAL FIRST, 32 pg, $2.99 US.


Gotham City Garage #11-12 [3/14-3/28] Story by JACKSON LANZING and COLLIN KELLY; art by DARICK ROBERTSON and BRIAN CHING (#11) & BRIAN CHING (#12); #11: Mercy Graves has been Lex Luthor’s faithful assistant. She’s also been using up her eighth life as Catwoman as she finds new, dangerous ways to take him down. This could be her one final opportunity, but the Garage isn’t counting on it.  #12: In the final issue, Luthor recovers from his recent setbacks, but will he be victorious? DIGITAL FIRST, 32 pg, $2.99 US.

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