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Flash Variant Covers Announced for January


DC begins another 75th Anniversary celebration in January, and this time it’s The Flash.  And, in January, ten TBU titles as well as twelve other DC ongoing titles will have variant covers featuring the fastest man alive by various artists.  See the gallery above for all but one of the variant covers for Batman-related titles (only Batman/Superman #18’s variant cover has not been released) and see below for the full list of titles getting the variant treatment.


Action Comics #38 by Dave Johnson

Aquaman #38 by Steve Rude

Batgirl #38 by Aaron Lopresti

Batman #38 by Tony Daniel

Batman and Robin #38 by Dave Bullock

Batman/Superman #18 by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Catwoman #38 by Ty Templeton

Detective Comics #38 by Josh Middleton

The Flash #38 by Howard Porter

Harley Quinn #14 by Bruce Timm

Grayson #6 by Jock

Green Lantern #38 by Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern Corps #38 by Bill Sienkiewicz

Justice League #38 by Tony Harris

Justice League Dark #38 by Kelley Jones

Justice League United #8 by Karl Kerschl

Sinestro #9 by Ethan Van Sciver

Supergirl #38 Michael Avon Oeming

Superman #38 by Kevin Nowlan

Superman/Wonder Woman #15 by Ivan Reis

Teen Titans #6 by Mike Allred

Wonder Woman #38 by Terry & Rachel Dodson

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