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SDCC 2015: DC Upstarts Panel Highlights


DC held another panel today and this one focused on the titles that feature the energetic characters of the line. Specifically, Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy, Grayson, Midnighter and We Are Robin were covered as far as The Batman Universe. Here are the highlights dealing with the TBU titles.


  • The first trade for Gotham Academy will include Karl Kerschl’s original character designs for most of the characters.
  • Gotham Academy #9 may or may not feature a werewolf.
  • Grayson #9 kicks off the reintroduction of Dick to the DC Universe since he has been undercover.
  • Grayson #10 has Dick interacting with Lex Luthor in regards to some kryptonite.
  • Grayson #12 is the reveal to the Bat-family that Dick is still alive and had been lying to them.
  • Midnighter #4 has Dick Grayson guest-starring.
  • James Tynion mentioned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover and explained how it came to be citing the Krang involvement for how Shredder and the turtles end up in Gotham.
  • The new Batman and Robin Eternal story will partially focus on the story of when Dick left Gotham for the first time still as Robin.


And that wraps that panel up. More from San Diego is still to come.

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