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NYCC: DC Comics Panels TBU Round-up


New York Comic Con has been in full swing this past weekend with lots of panels about lots of aspects of The Batman Universe.  This article is a round-up of several panels about Batman-family comic books, pulling tidbits of information from the Spotlight on Scott Snyder, The Bat-Universe, and DC All Access panels from across the whole weekend.


From Scott Snyder’s Spotlight Panel:

  • Snyder knows that he keeps promising small stories but when he tries to write them, he convinces himself to “swing for the fences instead.”
  • Whenever he has his last issue with Greg Capullo on Batman, he wants it to be a quiet night in Gotham when Batman gets a night off.
  • He had to fight against DC editorial to push for the suggestion that Lincoln March was Bruce’s brother.
  • Snyder hinted more at the possibility of doing a Two-Face story exploring why Two-Face is truly scary.
  • Snyder says that the reason Batman keeps secrets from the Bat-Family is that he scares himself.
  • At the end of “Superheavy,” Snyder said that, “Bruce will have to die for Batman to live.”


From the Bat-Universe Panel:

  • Snyder and Capullo said that the “Superheavy” story really “ramps up” in Batman #45 and #46.
  • James Tynion repeated what he’s said in interviews that Cassandra Cain won’t be the only character reintroduced to continuity in Batman & Robin Eternal.
  • Peter Tomasi said that we will really get to see Gordon as a detective even though Batman will be working with the Justice League in upcoming issues of Detective Comics.
  • Amy Chu said that her upcoming Poison Ivy miniseries will show us that Ivy is one of Batman’s smartest villains.
  • Snyder said that 2016 will be a big year for Robin in the pages of Batman.
  • Snyder said that the reason he avoids writing Damian is that it reminds him too much of his son and he can’t imagine writing stories about his son being in danger.
  • Tom King was asked if Dick Grayson would ever be Nightwing again, and he answered that, in his eyes, he still is Nightwing just Nightwing working for Spyral.


DC All Access Panel:

  • Jimmy Palmiotti said that Harley’s Little Black Book will come out every two months and will focus on a different hero team-up every time like a series of one-shots.
  • The Gotham Academy issue that is a “Robin War” tie-in will be the fun part of what will be a difficult story.
  • Babs Tarr based the design for the new Velvet Tiger on a dress she owns.
  • Tarr wants to see the 90s-era Superboy in Batgirl.
  • Azrael may have already been seen in the pages of Midnighter.
  • There have been Batman Beyond and Terry McGinnis Easter Eggs in Gotham Academy.


Also as an update to an article we ran about two weeks ago, Frank Miller was in attendance at the Dark Knight III panel and when asked about All Star Batman and Robin getting finished, he replied, “We just started it.” While this does not confirm anything directly, Newsarama had it in their rundown of the panel, while CBR and others who reported from the same panel have not mentioned that specific question and answer. So for now take that with a grain of salt.

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