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DC Announces Coloring Book Variants in January 2016


Keeping in line with their monthly themed variant covers and following in the recent surge in popularity for coloring books, DC has announced that they will have uncolored lineart variant covers for 25 of its titles in January.  However, it is unclear if these covers will be printed on material that will actually let buyers color in the artwork themselves.  It is also worth of note that while some titles are getting these monthly themed variant covers for the first time, that Batgirl has not gotten a variant cover since the Joker variant cover was pulled before printing.  See the gallery above to see all of the variant covers from TBU titles and see the list below for the full list of titles getting the variant treatment.

Action Comics #48 by Scott Kollins

Aquaman #48 by Andy Kuhn

Batman #48 by Dave Johnson

Batman/Superman #28 by Freddie Williams

Cyborg #7 by Derec Donovan

Deathstroke #14 by Emanuella Luppicino

Detective Comics #48 by Timothy Green

Flash #48 by Derec Donovan

Grayson #16 by Aaron Lopresti

Green Arrow #48 by Cully Hamner

Green Lantern#48 by Michael Allred

Justice League #48 by Scott Kollins

JLA #8 by Cully Hamner

Lois and Clark #4 by Aaron Lopresti

Martian Manhunter #8 by Andy Kuhn

Red Hood/Arsenal #8 by Scott McDaniel

Robin Son of Batman #8 by Sanford Greene

Sinestro #19 by Derec Donovan

Starfire #8 by Dave Taylor

Superman #48 by Andy Smith

Superman/ Wonder Woman #25 by Aaron Lopresti

Teen Titans #16 by Timothy Green

Titans Hunt #4 Scott McDaniel

We Are Robin #8 by Freddie Williams

Wonder Woman #48 by Emanuella Luppicino

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