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DC Comics Announces May Solicitations

DC Comics for the second month in a row announced the large changes to the New 52 ahead of time, but the official solicitations have been released for May 2012.


Although a lot of the changes for the Bat-book creators were announced some of them are leaving more questions. Last month, it was announced that Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs would be stepping in on Batwing for two issues. The announcement last week that Marcus To would be taking over as the normal artist leaves the questions of what happened to the planned two issue run for Nguyen and Fridolfs. Travel Foreman joins Birds of Prey. Judd Winick guest writes Batman: The Dark Knight.


The main story elements happening in May form around Scott Snyder's Court of Owls' story. Many of the series will feature the Night of Owls crossover. All of the main titles will be apart of the event except Detective Comics and Batwoman. In Detective Comics, Batman will be facing off against Mr. Toxic. Over in Batwoman the interweaving storyline continues. Batman Incorporated comes back with a new issue one.


Collections for the month again plenty. First is the collection of Grant Morrison's final issues of Batman and Robin in Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die. The first six issues of the New 52 Justice League International, Catwoman, Justice League and Batman will be collected. The eight specials from October 2010 are collected in Batman: Bruce Wayne-The Road Home. Batman: Dark Victory receives an Absolute edition. Batman: Knightfall Volume 2 is collected. Detective Comics #155-171 is collected in Batman Archives Volume 8. Batman: Prey gets collected.


The first annuals of the New 52 hit with both Batman and Teen Titans being part of the first group. The Batman annual will feature Mr. Freeze in the New 52 for the first time.


The DCU titles featuring TBU characters are plenty as well. With the second round of New 52 titles debuting, both Earth Two and World's Finest will be featuring TBU characters. Justice League International is part of a crossover with Firestorm. Teen Titans crosses over in both Superboy and Legion Lost. Suicide Squad and Resurrection Man crossover as well. Justice League promises a story revealing a brand new villain. All-Star Western joins the Night of Owls crossover. Young Justice has Robin teaming with Batman.


Other TBU releases for the month include the second issue/collection of Batman: Arkham Unhinged. Batman Beyond Unlimited will have another issue/collection, although no information is known about the release. The Chip Kidd graphic novel, Batman: Death by Design will release at the end of the month.


The cover of the month goes to Greg Capullo for Batman #9 which puts the feeling of the month in image form for the Night of Owls crossover.


Batman #9


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