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DC Comics February Solicitations

DC Comics have announced February's solicitations and there is a lot going on in The Batman Universe.


First off Batman Beyond returns after being on hiatus since August. Norm Breyfogle returns to The Batman Universe as the artist on the series with writer Adam Beechen. The Batman Beyond stories will be collected with Justice League Beyond which we mentioned earlier today.


As far as creator changes go, Birds of Prey sees a new artist in the form of Javier Pina. And over in Batwoman, Amy Reeder makes her debut as the artist for the next story arc along with inker Richard Friend.


The final issue of Penguin: Pain and Prejudice hits shelves. The Huntress second to last issue also will be released. Batman: Odyssey next installment will also be available. Tiny Titans will feature Clayface along side other dirty/squishy characters.


As far as the main comic series go, there are no major changes as many of them continue with the ongoing story lines that are already occurring.


Moving into the media incarnations of the characters, both Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Young Justice see new issues. Young Justice features a story that takes place between episodes seven and eight of the animated series. Over in Brave and bold, Batgirl deals with the effects of Valentine's Day.


Another interesting note, is that the hardcover collecting Batman Incorporated has been resolicited for April instead of December and now includes the Batman: Leviathan Strikes one-shot. So one can guess that if it is not releasing in February, than it may be coming out in March and collected the following month.


And as for the rest of the DCU, The Batman Universe continues to make guest appearances in a number of titles. Hawk and Dove features the two traveling to Gotham City and Dove teams up with Batman. Resurrection Man is institutionalized in Arkham Asylum. I, Vampire has Batman fighting vampires in Gotham City. Suicide Squad has Harley Quinn hunting down the Joker with Deadshot trying to stop her. All-Star Western, Justice League International, Justice League and Teen Titans all continue to have ties to The Batman Universe as well.


Big month for The Batman Universe, with a lot of guest appearances and the return of Batman Beyond. As for the cover of the month, it belongs to Batman and Robin #6 featuring art by Patrick Gleason which is clearly channeling The Dark Knight Returns.


Batman and Robin #6


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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