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DC Comics March 2012 Solicitations

DC Comics have released the solicitations for the comics that will hit stores and online in March 2012. What will a new month of comics bring The Batman Universe?


As far as creator changes go, the only one for the month is Gene Ha taking over for Jim Lee on Justice League for a short stint.


The storylines continue to keep readers on the edge of their seats with the main TBU series. Batman: The Dark Knight features Batman facing Bane promised in a way never seen before. Batman will continue to reveal secrets of the past. Batman Beyond Unlimited has the return of an explosive villain. Black Canary may be under the control of Choke in the pages of Birds of Prey. Catwoman changes her take in the form of cars and adds a new partner. The first story arc in Nightwing wraps with Dick taking on Saiko. The Outlaws are taking on a number of villains. Batgirl shows a side of Batman: The Killing Joke that has never been seen before. Over in Batman and Robin, Batman finds NoBody's lair and must face both Robin and NoBody. Batwoman focuses on the changes in the lives of six people. Batwing heads to Gotham to team with the Bat-Family. Batman continues to deal with the Penguin in Detective Comics.


The second to last issue of Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey will hit stores, while the last issue of The Huntress will wrap the mini-series up.


As far as collections go for March, there are a few. Batman vs. The Black Glove gets collected in s deluxe hardcover edition, exploring not only the revelation that Batman has a son, but also teams Batman with the Batmen of All Nations. The final issues of Red Robin are collected in Red Robin: Seven Days of Death. The first six issues of Scott Snyder's new Batman series are collected. Four different Flashpoint series are collected in Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman. Batman: Year One gets a new printing. The Son, Bride and Birth of the Demon are collected in one trade. The last six issues of Gotham City Sirens are collected.


Issue seven of All-Star Western has Jonah Hew and Amadeus Arkham traveling to New Orleans on the hunt of a killer. Teen Titans has Red Robin trying to save Superboy, while trying to keep a secret that Solstice may uncover. Justice League takes the heroes back to the present and adds team members. Resurrection Man escapes Arkham only to be chased by the GCPD. Harley Quinn's new origin story is shown in Suicide Squad #7. A new threat threatens the Justice League International.


The media incarnations of the TBU continue to focus on the TV series. Young Justice features a story that seems to take place around the time of episode eight. Over in The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold does not have new issues as the final issue will be in February.


The cover of the month goes to Batwing #7 which features a number of the Bat-Family ready to take action with art by Jason Fabok.


Batwing #7


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