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DC Film Universe Update 4/26-5/2

DC Film Universe 5

Another week has come and gone and news for the DC Film Universe continues to come out. As always some items mentioned could be considered spoilers, so be warned before reading on.


We started the week with hearing that Ben Affleck was in Toronto. That is significant because Toronto is where Suicide Squad is currently filming. A shot of him possibly on set even popped up.


  Turns out Batman will most likely be making an appearance in the film due to the fact that he ended up in the batsuit later in the week, and even if they were trying to hide it, we all know what was going on.   With filming underway for Suicide Squad it was only a matter of time until spy pics landed online. Will Smith was caught in the midst of a group of shots in what appears to be his civilian attire.   will smith There were also spy pics of Gotham Police cars as well. And as a funny thing that some of the media caught on to, there was a fan who dressed up as Deadshot and was roaming Toronto and just happen to make it on set and in the same area as Will Smith where he was filming. Some outlets stated it was Deadshot in costume, but it turned out to be just a lucky fan who got on set.   And finally there was a slew of new promotion art that saw light this week from Batman v Superman. While most of the art is variation of things we have seen, some are more extended looks. Adding to the validity of them being real was the fact that Warner Bros. requested some sites to remove the images. Rather than posting them all up here, here are some of the ones that were different or showed something new.   poster  

And that is all we have this week. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest news from all of the DC films and sound off below!

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