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DC Film Universe Update 3/13-3/19

DC Film Universe 5


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering tomorrow and the film releasing on Thursday night, the future of the DC films is more important than ever. We have decided to bring back this article series to make sure you keep up to date on everything happening in the DC Film Universe. So here are some of the updates on the future projects.


Suicide Squad: August 2016

While most of the marketing focus has been on Batman v Superman, with good reason, expect the marketing to pick up for Suicide Squad about a month after BvS releases. Focus will shift to hyping the next DC film. Last weekend, the film had a tattoo parlor at South by Southwest in Texas which gave fans either temporary or pernament tattoos showcasing designs from the various characters appearing the film. A new poster was also released which can be seen below.



Wonder Woman: June 2017

Not a whole lot of updates here. Gal Gadot is on the publicity tour for Batman v Superman right now, and is mostly focused on the character’s debut in this month’s film.


Justice League Part 1: November 2017

Filming is set to start next month after publicity wraps for Batman v Superman.


A huge appearance by Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Holly Hunter and Diane Lane said to be promoting Batman v Superman is set for March 31 on Conan. This is after the film debuts and right before the filming begins for Justice League. So keep a lookout for any possible news pertaining to the film to be announced.


In addition to that we do have word which actress will be playing Mera in Justice League and then go on to play the character in Aquaman. Amber Heard will be that actress as she confirmed it herself while speaking with Entertainment Tonight. She went on to say that her costume was being made and it consists of half armor, half-scales.


Other DC Film News:

In other DC films, it was announced that Lobo might be another character DC Entertainment is eying to make it to the silver screen. The project was previously on hold but new life seems to be added to the project with news that Wonder Woman scribe, Jason Fuchs has been hired to work on a possible script. Lobo was a project that in the past had Guy Ritchie attached to direct back in 2009, but the project never came to be.

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