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DC Film Universe Update

DC Film Universe 5

Editor’s Note: Now that Suicide Squad has released and news has calmed on the film front as far as TBU specific characters, we will be bringing back DC Film Universe Update from it’s hiatus. Below you will find some of the latest news regarding some of the upcoming DC Universe films.


Justice League: November 17, 2017

Speaking of Superman, Henry Cavill has gone to Instagram to tease us fanboys a little bit regarding his involvement in Justice League. The Man of Steel posted a (very) close look at what is more than likely Superman’s suit for at least some of the team up. It’s very clearly black, meaning the resurrection of Superman may follow the Doomsday storyline for a little bit longer. Check it out below:



A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on


Aquaman: July 27, 2018

Rumors are circulating that the villain for Jason Mamoa’s aquatic solo adventure will be one very familiar to comic book fans. Black Manta, considered Aquaman’s greatest foe, looks set to be the main antagonist according to The Wrap. Interestingly, speculation began as to Manta’s involvement in the DC Universe earlier this year due to the picture below. The image from the set of Justice League, showing Mamoa and director Zack Snyder, peaked fans interest as to the costume seen over Snyder’s shoulder. Could Manta be introduced in DC’s team up? If reports are true and some action will be set in Atlantis, the possibility is certainly apparent.




Man of Steel Sequel: TBA

The Wrap have been busy, as they are also reporting the surprise that a sequel to Man of Steel is high on DC’s list of priorities. It’s certainly possible that the studio is panicking as to the long term future of the Superman character, as fans and critics have been, to say the least, disappointed with his depiction. Perhaps the closing moments of Justice League will lay the foundation for the Superman audiences have known and loved for decades and hopefully lead us into a series of excellent films on one of the greatest characters to ever grace a comic book page.

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