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DC Film Universe Update 4/19-4/25

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Starting off a new article series focusing on some of the small news bits that have come out related to the future DC Film Universe. This series will cover things we may have covered on the site and other items that were too small to report on their own. Just as a warning, some things mentioned in these articles can be considered spoilers, so be warned before reading on. So what did we get this past week?

Starting off with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after the release of the trailer last week, Sunday saw Zack Snyder release the first posters for the film in anticipation of the IMAX event that took place on Monday.

Monday saw the release of a video of not only the Batmobile but also first looks at the suits of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Zack Snyder actually sent out a tweet thanking everyone for coming out to the IMAX event that included a full look at the Batsuit as it appeared in the trailer but a full body shot.

Tuesday saw the release of some b-roll footage of the batmobile and costumes highlighting some of the detail of each of the three costumes.

All of that was more information that we saw in one week for Batman v Superman then has ever been released since the film was announced.

Moving on to Suicide Squad. Filming is currently taking place in Toronto. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Common has been added to the cast of the film, but Warner Bros. has not verified that and no one knows who he could be playing in the film.

Yesterday, David Ayer tweeted out the first official look of Jared Leto’s Joker.

Heading back over to Batman v Superman, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart this past Thursday. Some fans may have noticed that his voice was one of the voices that appeared in the Batman v Superman trailer in the beginning. Stewart decided to ask him about the conflict of Batman v Superman and he held nothing back, including possibly giving away the plot of the film. Be warned that while we have no confirmation of this being the plot, it could spoil things for some people.


And just a few tidbits regarding some of the other DC films. Michelle MacLaren who was set to be the director of the Wonder Woman film exited the project due to creative differences between her vision and the vision that Warner Bros. is looking for. MacLaren is said to have wanted an epic “Braveheart” type of film while WB is said to want more of a character driven story and less action. WB wasted little time in hiring a replacement with Patty Jenkins. Jenkins was originally set to direct the first Thor sequel for Marvel but that eventually fell through.


Warner Bros. is currently on the hunt for a director for the Aquaman film. James Wan, director of Furious 7, is reportedly being eyed. Also David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, the directors behind John Wick, are being thrown around as possibely working on a DC project as well.


So with all of this news, which was your favorite? Sound off below.

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