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DC Keeps the Slots Spinning

Batman Slot Machine


It’s been just over a year since DC Entertainment and Microgaming, one of the world’s largest and most respected online casino software providers collaborated to launch the first in a series of Batman themed slots games. The Dark Knight progressive online slots brings the Caped Crusader to life in an interactive game that allows the player to choose whether they wanted to play the part of good or evil ,and pick sides with the Joker, or Batman himself.


The game has proven to be so popular that is available across a range of platforms, including for play at top android casinos, as well as for iOS and other operating systems. Players can join the cast of the Dark Knight in a game that uses cinematography from the iconic movie to add to the atmosphere, and as the game progresses the story unfolds. The storyline is adapted to your choice of playing good or evil and if you are trying to save Gotham City you will be rewarded accordingly.


There has never been a gaming collaboration that uses existing cinematography to such effect and even the trailer was phenomenal. When the game was announced it caused great excitement as DC Comics' fans knew that the end result would be nothing less than spectacular.


The Dark Knight film took over $1 billion worldwide and there was no question about the calibre of the slots games not being equal. The game has done justice to the legend and by incorporating the cast of the franchise players have had a chance to become the protagonist and play alongside familiar faces.


There is a heavy focus on the good vs. evil theme and the graphic novels that lend themselves so well to the dark cinematic imagery have been captured perfectly by Microgaming. The fact that players can choose to save Gotham City by siding with the Dark Knight, or enjoy a twisted and perverse gaming experience by siding with the Joker adds to the entertainment factor and makes for an immersive experience that rivals that of console gaming.


Batman fans won’t be disappointed and the scenes and actual images from the movie add to the atmosphere, making it an exciting adult option for anyone who is keen on themed video slots.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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