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DC Relaunches Entire DC Universe

Word from DC Comics has hit the net that come September all character lines will be relaunched. Through a number of articles and editorials all over the net, a few things have been confirmed.


Jim Lee and Geoff Johns will be teaming up to write the new Justice League of America. A preview of some of the redesigned characters was also posted online.


Justice League Relaunch


Batman doesn't seem to be that different, but there is also reports that not only looks will change, but also age and origins. The solicitations for September, which we can expect in about two weeks, may or may not uncover more hints as what is to come, but we may at least find out the creators attached to the projects.


Tomorrow, USA Today will have an exclusive article about this announcement and may release more details. Stay tuned for more news as it it develops.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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