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DC Reveals New 52 Wave 2

DC Comics has announced that in May they will roll out wave two of the New 52. The wave will include six new titles some of which feature The Batman Universe.


Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated was among the announced series. Chris Burnham will be the ongoing artist for the series. Over at USA Today, Morrison revealed that this next volume of his Batman story has much more of an emotional element that past stories.


"We've been setting up this big massive family drama to finish the whole thing with the kid caught in the middle," says Morrison, adding that he has a number of issues planned for the finish of his epic Batman story "if we survive the Mayan apocalypse."


Two other series to watch for The Batman Universe will be World's Finest and The Ravagers.


World's Finest follows Huntress and Power Girl from Earth 2 as they are stuck on our Earth. The series will be written by current Huntress mini-series scribe, Paul Levitz, with art by George Perez and Kevin Maguire.


The Ravagers will spin out of events occurring in Superboy and Teen Titans. Four teens with superpowers find themselves on the run from an organization trying to make them into supervillains. The series will be written by Howard Mackie, with art by Ian Churchill.


For full details on the other series that are part of the second wave as well as the six series that will be ending with issue eight, head over to The Source.


Also revealed, was a new piece of art by Chris Burnham for Batman Incorporated.


Batman Incorporated Art


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