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DC Reveals New Info on New Batgirl

Over the weekend, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was held and DC was in attendance. While only a few of the new series were focused on, one of them was Batgirl. Gail Simone was on hand to give thoughts and preview pieces of art for the new series. The Daily BLAM! was at the convention and reported the following.


"There's no character closer to my heart than Barbara Gordon. Her new villains are just….ooooh," said Simone excitingly. The writer went on to reveal a new villain called 'Mirror' and some panels of the character, who appears like a mysterious flasher shoving what appears to be a garden hose down an old man's throat. "He's really creepy and really cool," she said. Simone went on to tease the new Bat-Girl costume saying, "There's some things wired into her costume that is something that hasn't been done before, which is the reason why it looks the way it does," she said.


So it appears that although Babs is returning to the Bat-mantle, she will be taking on new villains. Here are the two images shown at the convention for Batgirl.


Batgirl Preview Art


Batgirl Preview Art


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One thought on “DC Reveals New Info on New Batgirl

  1. Joe Jinks

    "some things wired into her costume that is something that hasn't been done before"
    Oh dear, it's going to be something like a back-brace so that she can walk isn't it.


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