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DC Solicitations for January 2012

DC has released the solicitations for January 2012, and there are not any surprises.


All of the current series continue on with there next numbers, #5 in the case of the New 52 series and #4 for the two mini-series. Batman does not appear to be making a large cameos in any other titles as he or any other characters from The Batman Universe only appear in the normal series.


Batman Incorporated appears not to be starting in January as the series was not solicited with a number one nor was Batman Beyond. Both of those series are still waiting for their first issues to be announced.


Tiny Titans will feature characters unmasked with red hair and Barbara Gordon will take center stage. Over in Young Justice, the origin of Earth-16 Clayface will be explained.


For the entire list of the solicitations for January 2012, head over to DC Comics.


Batgirl #5


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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