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DC Superhero-Themed Cameras

We saw a tweet by DC Nation today point to an article on Comics Alliance talking about some new digital cameras making their way to the public. We did a little digging and the camera is the Pentax RS1500. Here are some of the features:


-14 megapixel CCD sensor
-4x optical zoom
-HD video recording (30 fps)
-3" LCD screen
-Comes with numerous superhero skins
-Comes with a Green Lantern-branded protective carrying case


We also know that it will run around $200. Here are some pics of the camera as well as the Batman-related skins.


Pentax RS1500 DC Comics Camera


Pentax RS1500 DC Comics Camera-Batman Skin


Pentax RS1500 DC Comics Camera-Joker Skin


Pentax RS1500 DC Comics Camera-Catwoman Skin


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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