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DC: The New 52-Tomorrow’s Teases

Week three is here for DC's New 52. This week you can expect five Bat-books which is the most of any week this month. Here are the teases for the five titles.


Birds of Prey #1 Tease


“Good to see you, Barbara.”
-Black Canary in BIRDS OF PREY #1


Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 Tease


“The only reason I’m here is ’cause if anything happens to you–that would make me the worst former sidekick ever.”
-The Red Hood in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS # 1.


Nightwing #1 Tease


“Just when I’ve set up my new life, my old one comes back. Well played, Gotham.”
-Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING #1


Batman #1 Tease


“If we stop looking to the present and the past, and instead we look to the future…if we ask ourselves what can be–what it will be tomorrow… then we’re asking the right question. Because to hope, to dream, to predict is to shape the city yourself, rather than to be shaped by it.”
-Bruce Wayne in BATMAN #1


Catwoman #1 Tease


“Life isn’t without risk. You hear that bon mot a lot. But mostly around business. Or dating. Or eating fried food from street vendors. But we take risks all the time, every day, in a thousand ways. Driving a car. Talking to a stranger. Jay walking. Those are the little ones we don’t even think about. It’s the big ones that make it interesting. At least for me, it is.”
-Catwoman in CATWOMAN #1


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