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DC TV Update: TBU Links #10

DV TV Update

Hey Bat-fans, we’re back and we have a lot more for ya! Ok let’s go! Oh yeah, warning there are, of course, SPOILERS AHEAD!



Episode 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

    • Like Manny, Batman’s ally and friend the Boston Brand, better known as Deadman, can enter human bodies and inhabit them for a time. Usually, they are members of the Justice League or something like that, but in this case Manny is trapped inside a doctor’s body due to a spell John used on him.



Episode 15: The Scarecrow

    • Oswald is very close to his comic book self, as he now is running Oswald’s. The “Iceberg Lounge” is not too far off, I’d say.
    • Leslie Thompkins started working at GCPD as the new medical examiner. This lends to the knowledge that Thompkins has a great deal of medical knowledge and experience when she is an ally of Batman’s. She does the more delicate surgical work when he’s in real need. She also went to Medical school with Thomas Wayne and was a friend, too.
    • Oswald Cobblepot met Edward Nygma. Like most people, Oswald didn’t like Edward. Though, Edward was fascinated with Oswald’s presence in the GCPD. A quaint meeting, indeed.
    • Gerald Crane created the basis for the Scarecrow fear toxin.
    • Bruce raged out, and then hurt himself. He showed us the survivor within, as he often will in the future, and pushed through his pain to limp home to Alfred. It seems a pattern may emerge, one day, from this.
    • Jonathan ran towards a Scarecrow, and it seems he was consumed by it. It may be in his mind, but it seems his father didn’t cure him. He did help him realize his tragic destiny.


the flash

Episode 13: The Nuclear Man

    • Wells is wearing a Flash ring. How no one from the show has noticed this really annoys me. It raises several questions. Is this from a past Flash he killed? A future Barry? Is it his own ring? Is it from an alternate timeline that he’s trying to recreate? If he really is Iobard Thawne, then the Flashpoint reference is really starting to become a reality more and more. Especially considering Barry’s mother’s death in the list of events that have occurred so far.
    • Firestorm is in his true form, from the comics, in this episode in full form. Martin Stein, however, is in charge of the entity as a whole. Ronnie is pushed down below the surface, unlike in the comics when he and Dr. Stein worked together to understand the Firestorm matrix.
    • Clancy Brown made an appearance as a U.S. military officer. Is it General Eiling, former enemy of the Justice League? He was both a menace as a normal human in the military, and as a mutated form of himself later. Clancy Brown, himself, was the voice of Lex Luthor in the Superman animated series from Bruce Timm, as well as in both Justice League shows, and in Batman/Superman: Public Enemies.



Episode 13: Canaries

    • The plot of Oliver coming to terms with Laurel’s decision to carry on as Black Canary is reminiscent of Batgirl: Year One. Bruce constantly attempts to sway Babs from continuing her mission as Batgirl. Like Laurel, Babs earns the respect of her future mentor/partner.
    • Count Vertigo made his return. Once again, he took part in the events that Ra’s al Ghul coordinated to test Bruce Wayne to see if he was worthy of being his heir.
    • Vertigo’s drug seems to be more like Crane’s fear toxin, as Laurel experiences her worst nightmare by thinking she’s fighting her sister Sarah.
    • Like Bruce has done so many times, Laurel pushed through the drug and beat her enemy. Bruce has defeated Scarecrow many times through sheer willpower over the toxin.


That’s all I’ve got for this week, kids. See you next time, Bat-fans.

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