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DC TV Update: TBU Links #11

DV TV Update

Hello there Bat-folk. Shall we begin? Ok, then. SPOILERS AHEAD!




Episode 13: Waiting for the Man

    • Jim Corrigan, aka the Spectre, asked John and Zed for help. Zed continues to see him as he will become. However, the biggest Spectre reference was easily when John told Jim that taking “the Man” to jail wasn’t right because he wasn’t really a man. John made his first vengeful decision, and appropriately so.




Episode 16: The Blind Fortune Teller

    • Jim and Leslie went to Haly’s Circus, and even saw the Flying Grayson’s.
    • Among the Flying Grayson’s, two stick out. John Grayson and Mary (not-yet-a-Grayson). It appears Jim Gordon may be responsible for ensuring their union, and thus the birth of Dick Grayson.
    • While Bruce is visiting Wayne Enterprises, he brings a notebook. Inside, there is a drawing in the margins of the city and two eyes sheathed in darkness. Batman is already alive in Bruce’s mind, whether he knows it or not.
    • Jerome, apparently, is intended to be this version of Gotham’s future Joker. Awfully premature, if you ask me. Jerome had a very fully-formed Joker moment when he admitted that he killed his own mother.




Episode 14: The Return

    • This episode had a lot of people visiting graves. It should be definitely noted that Bruce Wayne yearly, sometimes more, visits the graves of his parents. Michael Keaton visited the site of his parents’ death in 1989’s “Batman.”
    • Slade Wilson made his return, briefly. He was returned to his cell, of course. Deathstroke rivals Bruce as the world’s greatest strategist and tactician.
    • Oliver returned to the island where he learned to become the Arrow. Bruce has returned to several places he learned about being the Batman, including Nanda Parbat.


the flash


Episode 14: The Fallout

    • General Wade Eiling made his return. Eiling is a recurring JLA villain, especially when he transformed himself into the ultimate superhuman soldier.
    • Joe pointed out something that never occurred to me before. Just as Joe is Barry’s guardian/foster father, Alfred is also Bruce’s legal guardian. It goes without being said between Bruce and Alfred that Bruce looks on Alfred as the father he never had.
    • Barry continues to persevere, despite knowing he’s destined to fail saving his mother. He told Joe that he would learn the mistakes he made already and try to learn from them in order to defeat the Reverse Flash. Bruce has been defeated in the first encounters many times. As Barry has decided, Bruce never lets himself be truly defeated. He always comes back more prepared for his foe or situation.
    • GRODD!


That’s all I’ve got this week. Until next Bat-time.

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