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DC TV Update: TBU Links #12

DV TV Update


And we’re back. I’m sorry to say it was a light week. The Flash will return in a few weeks, which will be a hiatus worth the wait. We only had Gotham and Arrow this week, but they had some decent stuff for us to look at. Here we go, so remember, SPOILERS AHEAD!




Episode 15: Nanda Parbat

    • Nanda Parbat is not, in the comics, the location of Ra’s al Ghul’s fortress. It is indeed a remote location, and difficult to both locate and reach by any means. But it isn’t Nanda Parbat. Nanda Parbat is actually a hidden place sought by those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Bruce Wayne released himself of the guilt of his parents’ death at Nanda Parbat during the event called “52” just after the events of “Infinite Crisis,” by Geoff Johns.
    • Lazarus Pit! We saw Ra’s actually in the Lazarus Pit. We’ve heard him refer to himself as old, but this time he said he met a man in 1854. So, this is a legitimate Lazarus Pit, minus the glowing green and the fumes and the smoke and all the alchemy stuff.
    • Ra’s offered Oliver the chance to become his heir. Bruce Wayne has many times declined, but once accepted the chance to become Ra’s heir when he was, at the time, in love with Talia al Ghul. In “Son of the Demon,” young Damian Wayne is sired.
    • Oliver keeps getting in trouble for keeping secrets and being paranoid. Many of the events of “Infinite Crisis,” were a direct result of Batman keeping secrets like Brother Eye and the OMAC’s.




Episode 17: Red Hood

    • The Red Hood, a symbolic item mainly, makes its first deadly appearance. The passing of the hood quickly shows that the hood is a tragic, and cursed item. Except for Jason Todd. He just owns as Red Hood. No one else after this should be the Red Hood. It was made for him. Truly. He had already experienced tragedy at the hands of someone else who had experienced the curse of the red hood, the Joker.
    • Ivy learned that she can one day use her appearance as a weapon.
    • Selina rejected the same lesson, as she has always walked her own path. Just like Bruce.
    • Bruce learned some new methods of fighting from Alfred’s mate, Reggie. Alfred disapproved and instead reminded Bruce that discipline, skill, and technique are what make a good fighter, not brutality.
    • We see further proof that Alfred was a special ops British soldier, as in Batman: Earth One, a new interpretation of Batman.
    • Dr. Dalmaker (spelling open to interpretation). The dollmaker has been mentioned earlier this season, so now that we see what he’s been up to, it’s not too pretty. Dollmaker is a relatively new Batman rogues’ gallery addition.


That’s all I’ve got this week. See you next time. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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