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DC TV Update: TBU Links #14

DV TV Update


Hey there Bat-folk. We had a fun week on the CW. Let’s dive right in. And be forewarned, as always, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!


the flash


Episode 16: Rogue Time (aired March 24)

  • Barry learns a hard lesson about time travel, which is reminiscent of his lesson learned in “Flashpoint.” Bruce has also had to learn a hard lesson about why we can never change the past. Bruce had the opportunity to save his parents in a Batman/Superman team-up book. He had to correct saving them in order to help Superman save reality.
  • Wells spoke of how fragile time is, and keeping it in balance. Bruce had to help John Stewart in an awesome two-part episode of Justice League Unlimited. They end up time traveling to the past, an alternate present, and a possible future. Luckily, they return time to its original state.




Episode 17: Suicidal Tendencies (aired March 25)

  • Ra’s al Ghul has been sending his League of Assassins to masquerade as Arrow, en masse, in order to frame him for murder and also destroy his reputation. In an Elseworlds series, Ra’s al Ghul offered Batman the chance to become his heir. He refused, Ra’s killed him, but not before he impregnated Talia. Talia disowns her father and raises their son to be his father’s son. To become the Dark Knight. In his absence, Ra’s has been sending the League out “in honor” of the Batman. His son, not Damian, dons the cape and cowl and attempts to stop his grandfather and his League of Batmen, which is the name of the series.
  • Suicide Squad reformed, with Deadshot amongst the four. Deadshot has been, at different times, an antagonist of Batman.


That’s all for this week. See you next week, Bat-folks!

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