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DC TV Update: TBU Links #16

DC TV Update


And we are back again, Bat-fans. This week brought “Gotham” back for a new episode. Just a reminder, the shows are in their final few episodes for the season. So, the fun is almost over for this year. Anyway, on to the fun stuff. As always, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!



Episode 19: Beasts of Prey (aired April 13)

  • Ratcatcher! An interesting reference, but very appropriate. In the show he’s just catching the “rats,” or rather the prisoners who try to escape.
  • The Ogre has been incarnated twice in DC comics, but never as a serial killer. He was a strength-enhanced human with a similarly enhanced brother, who’d been altered into an ape. Yeah, I’m lost too. He was later re-imagined more aptly as a robot, designed for protection and rescue missions by WayneTech. The machine goes nuts, planned by Lex Luthor to gain a government contract. (It was in a limited edition Batman: Confidential series. Worth the read. Plus an alternate origin on the Batwing.)
  • Not sure if this is accurate, but Grace Fairchild seems to be a reference to Vesper Fairchild. She was a love interest of Bruce’s who died at the hands of David Cain (Cassandra’s dad, for those who remember her as Batgirl) at the behest of Lex Luthor. This occurred during the “No Man’s Land” storyline.
  • Like any great Batman story, specifically the “Legends of the Dark Knight” series, this episode was a bit more grounded in reality. The pursuit of a serial killer kept the story far more interesting than the usual “Villain of the Week” gag.
  • Oswald felt a chill when he walked by young Bruce. Foreshadowing anyone?
  • As in the bulk of “Batman: Year One,” Commissioner Loeb and Gordon continue to butt heads, but this week Gordon threw down the gauntlet for real this time.


the flash

Episode 18: All-Star Team Up (aired April 14)

  • “What is it with billionaires being superheroes?” – It doesn’t get more obvious than this, folks.
  • Oliver continues to push away those closest to him, and as Felicity reminded him, he gave up his chance for the two of them to be together. Bruce has given up many relationships, but Silver St. Cloud was the closest he ever got to something as similar to Oliver and Felicity.



Episode 19: Broken Arrow (aired April 15)

  • Opal City is referenced. The Opal is home to the original Mist, villain to Starman. Jack Knight, son of Ted Knight (both Starman at one point), has worked with the Bat on many occasions. James Robinson, creator of Jack Knight, also wrote an awesome Batman/Deadman comic and wrote “Face the Face,” which chronicled the year that the Batman was absent in Gotham City.
  • Oliver continues to learn the depths of Ra’s al Ghul’s will, as the Demon’s Head continues to destroy Oliver’s life. In “Batman Begins,” Ra’s burns down Wayne Manor, and leaves Bruce for dead, to seek vengeance on him, and to eliminate the Batman from stopping his mission upon Gotham. I think Bruce would recommend dropping him off of a crashing train, which also happens to explode at some point. Yeah, something like that.
  • Ray and Oliver had a “Batman Beyond” moment while Oliver was using his brain waves to control the ATOM suit. In the first story arc of the “Batman Beyond” series, Bruce discovers that Terry has hijacked the Batsuit and has overridden Terry’s control. Terry becomes a passenger, as Ray eloquently put it.


That’s all I’ve got for this week. Stay tuned.

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