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DC TV Update: TBU Links #17

DC TV Update

What’s up, Bat-fans. We had a fun episode of “Gotham” that saw two future supervillains enjoying the… oh yeah. SPOILERS AHEAD! Sorry, I’ll just get started.



Episode 20: Under the Knife (aired April 20)

  • Edward confronted, and stabbed (a lot) the cop who was dating (and also physically abusing) Ms. Kringle, Mr. Nygma’s main squeeze. His giggling revealed the obsessive riddlemaster that he will one day become.
  • Oswald was outed to his mother as a killer, by Maroni. He kills a flower delivery guy, just because he gives away key information while ranting about Sal. He definitely seemed to enjoy it.
  • Jim Gordon doesn’t stop. His youth gives him the boldness that Bruce will have when he first sets out on the rooftops and streets of Gotham.
  • Bruce’s skill at detective work continues to thrive. He uses Selina to acquire a key imprint, in order to snoop on one of his company’s dirty corporate executives.
  • Bruce has learned that not only is he not a killer, but that he doesn’t want to cross that line. So his sense of morality has already been established.


the flash

Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells? (aired April 21)

  • Cisco created a device for Laurel that mimics the powers that her character has in the comics. He does several things, as he rattles them off in the episode, and from what I gather, this device will project a supersonic scream at attackers. So, Black Canary has her sonic cry. Cool.
  • Barry’s use of science and the facts, while pursuing Harrison and his mother’s killer, is something he has in common with Batman. Within continuity (pre-New 52), Barry and Bruce conferred almost constantly on cases together. Bruce was constantly impressed with Barry’s skill at forensics science.
  • Barry is learning a skill that Bruce knows best: deception. This episode showed a better attempt at Barry’s ability to work with Wells while knowing he is both the Reverse Flash, and thus, his mother’s killer.



Episode 20: The Fallen (aired April 22)

  • Oliver now can officially say he and Bruce have both been Heir to the Demon. Bruce was heir when Ra’s offered Talia, and their life together, as long as he joined Ra’s and took control of the League of Assassins. That storyline can be found in “Son of the Demon,” by Doug Moench. Batman did, and, he also joined Ra’s in another amazing storyline in “Batman/Superman: Generations,” by John Byrne. Bruce utilizes the Lazarus pits to indeed stay alive, and verile, and uses the League in his own way, which is radically different from Ra’s’ methods. Personally, Oliver can still save the day, if he is patient.
  • Thea showed the exact symptoms and physical exhibition typical of someone who’s been near death, and utilized the Lazarus pit. She leapt out, she exhibited madness and confusion, and the momentary surge of strength was also apparent. That was pretty cool, actually.
  • Merlyn and Bruce share a common thread in that they both began as members of the League. In the “Dark Knight Trilogy,” Bruce was a member of the League of Shadows (their version of the League of Assassins). Merlyn also began as a member. And now, Bruce and Oliver have also both been members of the League.


That’s what I’ve got this week. Enjoy until next time!

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