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DC TV Update: TBU Links #18

DC TV Update

Greetings, salutations, and holy cow, Batman fans. Yeah that was a weird one, I’ll cut it down next time. So we had another fun week, and lots happened since we’re approaching the end of the season for all three shows (the final verdict is still out on “Constantine,” though I certainly hope it does return). And now, we go onward. As always, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!



Episode 21: The Hammer and the Anvil (aired April 27)

  • Bruce met Lucius Fox. Through the little we saw, less than two minutes, Lucius is still techno-saavy, a friend of Thomas Wayne, and an ally to Bruce. More than likely not the last we will see of him.
  • Edward Nygma’s penchant for leaving his name on every crime has begun. He literally can’t resist. His transformation is officially in motion.
  • Bruce had a very rude awakening about the world and about his father. The world isn’t black and white, but grey. He has to add that into his calculations now.
  • Bruce couldn’t lie to Alfred. That bond grows ever stronger.
  • Penguin has pulled off yet another successful plotting scheme, positioning himself to reap the benefits of a war between Maroni and Falcone.


the flash

Episode 20: The Trap (aired April 28)

  • In classic villain fashion, Thawne/Wells/Reverse Flash trapped Flash in a trap that the team had planned for Wells. And in proper rookie superhero fashion, Flash learned to play things a little closer to the chest next time. Bruce has had his fair share of traps sprung on him.
  • Gideon almost told Barry that he’s a founding member of the Justice League. Bruce is not a founding member, however, in Earth Two both the Flash and Batman are founding members. (Jay Garrick and Bruce Wayne, respectively.)
  • Barry wants revenge on Wells/Thawne. In “Batman Begins,” Bruce thought that revenge would gain him something or that he would release himself from the pain. The question is whether Barry will learn the lesson Bruce did on his own or the rude awakening Bruce had (Joe Chill is shot in the courtroom in custody, in front of Bruce).



Episode 21: Al Sah-Him (aired April 29)

  • Just as Talia went after (successfully, too) Nyssa in the comics in order to ascend to head of the League, Oliver now goes after Nyssa.
  • As in “Son of the Demon,” Oliver has been made the same offer. He would become the Demon’s Head, with Nyssa as Bride of the Demon.
  • “Bride of the Demon,” as Nyssa is referred to by Ra’s, is also another graphic novel featuring Bruce Wayne’s continuing conflict between himself, the Batman, against the ecoterrorist, Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s acquires a wife, who genuinely loves him surprisingly, and pursues a conflict with the Dark Knight. Mike Barr penned this tale.
  • As Oliver is faced with dealing death and destruction to his city, Bruce was supposed to follow similar orders to allow the League to destroy his beloved Gotham. However, in “Batman Begins,” Bruce makes his choice and destroys their stronghold in the mountains.


That’s all I could find this week. Don’t be afraid to comment and point stuff out to us. Until next time, Bat-fans….

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