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DC TV Update: TBU Links #1

DV TV Update


With all of the new DCU shows running amok on network television, and supposedly more on the way, we here at the Batman Universe thought we would shed some light on just what applies to Batman as far as all of the links and Easter Eggs piling up from episode to episode on all of the following series: The Flash, Gotham, Arrow, and possibly Constantine. Now some of you may be familiar with all of this stuff, and some of you might have no clue what I’m going on about. That’s fine either way. This is meant to inform those of you who haven’t read the last 25 years in DCU continuity (and that’s NOT even including the New 52). It will hopefully shed some light on some of the allies and enemies the Dark Knight has crossed paths with over the years.


As always, we don’t want to ruin it for you in case you aren’t up to speed on any of these shows. Thus, you have been warned. For ahead lies SPOILERS! Do not read any further if you are not up to date on any of the DC Entertainment shows.


There is a lot to catch up on, so I will try to keep it simple where I can. We have four shows to cover, so let’s get caught up quick.


the flash


Episode 1 – Pilot

  • We see a cage that has been ripped apart, with the name Grodd hanging on the side of it.
  • A future newspaper that Harrison Wells possesses reads, beneath the headline, that “Wayne Tech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete.”



Episode 2 – Fastest Man Alive

  • Simon Stagg, an industrialist. In the comics, pre- New 52, Simon Stagg’s corporation is behind the accident that makes Rex Mason into Metamorpho. Metamorpho is also a member of the Outsiders, an organization put together by the Dark Knight himself.


Episode 3 – Things You Can’t Outrun

  • The Mist: Well, in this case the actor who portrays the Mist will also be portraying Victor Zsasz on Gotham.


Episode 4 – Going Rogue

  • None for this episode




Episode 1 – Non Est Asylum

  • There is a reference to backwards writing, which is referencing Zatanna. Better yet, though Zatanna is a close ally of Batman, her father Zatarra trained Batman in the art of escape.


Episode 2 – The Darkness Beneath

  • None for this episode




Episode 1 – The Calm

  • Maseo Yamashiro is Oliver’s handler for Amanda Waller. Maseo is the husband of Outsider member Katana.
  • Nanda Parbat is mentioned. This is a place, very much more akin to the place that Lamont Cranston trained to become the Shadow. However, it is a place steeped in folklore, in the DCU, that people such as the Question (Vic Sage and Montoya both), Richard Dragon, and especially Bruce Wayne/Batman, have trained and visited throughout their careers. Bruce Wayne freed himself of the weight of much of his guilt over his parents’ death here, right after Infinite Crisis, in the followup series 52. Though it has only been mentioned by name it appeared in episode 4 as shown below.


Nanda Parabat


Episode 2 – Sara

  • Felicity mentions that she has to take off work because of “A death in the family.” “A Death in the Family,” is an event in the Batman timeline when then Robin, Jason Todd, was actually voted to die by the fans. DC complied and had the Joker beat him with a crow bar and blow both him and his mother up with one of his well-placed bombs.
  • Komodo mentions Bludhaven. Bludhaven is the city where Nightwing, Dick Grayson, sets up shop upon setting out on his own as a lone vigilante.


Episode 3 – Corto Maltese

  • Corto Maltese – first made famous in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, it is a small South American island where Superman intervenes against a Communist takeover of the island. It is also referenced by Vicki Vale in 1989’s Batman.


  • Nyssa al Ghul appears at the end of the episode.
  • Ted Grant is introduced. On the wall of his boxing gym it says “Wild Cats,” referring to his alter ego on the Justice Society.


Episode 4 – The Magician

  • Nyssa al Ghul allies with Oliver for the entire episode. However, she is merely the prelude to the appearance of:
  • Ra’s al Ghul! He finally appears, and picking himself up from a small pool. Sadly, the water was not glowing green. However, the reference is not lost on me.


Ras Al Ghul


Episode 5 – The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

  • We have the use of a program called “Brother Eye.” Ultimately, it’s a program utilized by a hacker, rather than a rogue A.I. satellite built by Batman to spy on every metahuman in the world. There has been a reference to OMAC a few episodes ago, when Ray Palmer was looking at some blueprints at Queen Consolidated.
  • Diggle mentions that his wife is on a mission for ARGUS in Santa Prisca, which happens to be the island location where Bane is incarcerated in prison.
  • Another Black Canary reference. Laurel and Ted worked on their mentor/student relationship, as Laurel opened up to him about the death of her sister, Sara. Ted then tells her he can train her better, knowing this. He then asks her to choose between a red or black hoody. She immediately chooses black. Well done, Laurel. She’s really pumping me up this season.




Episode 1 – Pilot

  • The bodies of Bruce Wayne’s parents are laying in the shape of a bat.


Episode 2 – Selina Kyle

  • Dollmaker is referenced by the two people who work for him as child traffickers.
  • Fish Mooney’s bartender is named Lazlo. A possible reference to Professor Pyg.
  • Selina wants to be called, “Cat.”


Episode 3 – The Balloonman

  • Another Professor Pyg reference hinted at w/ a pig mask.


Episode 4 – Arkham

  • Arkham Asylum itself is the subject of the episode. Both Maroni and Falcone are trying to acquire the contract to build a new mental health facility for Gotham City, and Arkham was the plan that the Wayne’s had in mind before their murders.





Episode 5 – Viper

  • Zorro playing on the television. The Mark of Zorro with Tyrone Power is the film Bruce saw with his parents the night they were murdered in The Dark Knight Returns.
  • Venom is referenced by name. One of the scientists who created Viper explains that Viper was the prototype, but Venom was the perfected drug. It’s possible we will see Venom-fueled soldiers in next season, but it’s too early to tell.


Episode 6 – Spirit of the Goat

  • Nigma’s mug. A green question mark is clearly visible on the front of his mug, hinting at his eventual need to become the Riddler.
  • Here is a bit of an odd one, depending upon if you picked up this Easter egg. These leather masked individuals are killing the eldest children of the richest citizens of Gotham City. Suddenly, my brain sputters to life and says, “Hey, you’ve heard that one before!” And yes, indeed I had. As most of you, I trust, have seen Batman Returns you may remember the plot of the end of the film, when Penguin tells his circus gang to fan out and collect all of the first born children of Gotham’s rich. It went a little something like this:



Episode 7 – Penguin’s Umbrella

  • Penguin is seen walking with his signature umbrella at the beginning of the episode. He even seemed to be leaning into his abnormal gait rather than trying to hide it.
  • Victor Zsasz appears for a significant amount of the episode. For those of you paying attention, he is also the same actor as the one who played the Mist a few episodes ago on the Flash. Zsasz actually marks his flesh after killing a wounded police officer.
  • Alfred overtakes Crispus Allen easily. Clearly, Alfred’s interpretation is much closer to that of the Alfred from Batman: Earth One.
  • Whenever Jim Gordon is brought up by any criminals, the phrase, “There’s nothing more dangerous than an honest man.” It’s possible this is also a reference to Bruce himself, who will be the most dangerous man to crime in Gotham. One day.


So that’s what we have so far. If there’s anything you guys want us to include and we didn’t, please comment. I read every one. Tune in next week for the batch of TBU Links.

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