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DC TV Update: TBU Links # 2

DV TV Update


How are things? Good, great. Got that out of the way, now onto business. Remember, and beware for there be SPOILERS AHEAD! Oh and this was released hours before Arrow aired Wednesday night. Not quite a spoiler as it is a press release as we see the new version of Black Canary:


canary 1


Alright, now that we have that under utility belts, we can get to business now.




Episode 8: The Mask

  • Selina Kyle is caught in the GCPD bullpen for cat burglary. This is clearly a foreshadowing to her future career as Catwoman.
  • While Fish Mooney and Oswald are in a meeting discussing how it is Oswald is in a more powerful position now, Fish says, “Things change.” This is a throwback to Penguin and Batman’s conversation in Batman Returns.
  • Richard Sionis is a mad businessman in this episode. Those of you who have played Arkham City as much as I have, as well as through reading the miniseries War Games, will know the name Sionis. Roman Sionis is the real name of Black Mask, a mob boss who poses a large threat to Batman during his height of power. Richard is presumably his father, but no reference was made to his son.




  • Tommy Elliot makes his debut and messes with Bruce, who subsequently gets his revenge. Tommy Elliot will eventually become the villain Hush, who was a brilliant surgeon and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Hush is a miniseries written by Jeph Loeb, with art by Jim Lee.
  • More proof that this may be a take on Batman: Earth One, Alfred promises to teach Bruce how to fight.
  • Something that perhaps no one else noticed, is one very big detail in this episode: Jim Gordon inspired people. Specifically other cops. This is a huge character detail about Jim Gordon throughout the comics over the years. He’s a good cop, albeit naive in this series, thus far.


the flash


Episode 5: Plastique

  • General Wade Eiling faced off with our team this week, but he’s also faced off (though in a mutated form) with the JLA, before the events of Infinite Crisis. The character also appears in Justice League animated series as a foe to the league. Clancy Brown plays him, who also voiced Lex Luthor in the animated Bruce Timm series’ and features over the years.
  • Plastique is a member of the Suicide Squad, whose members have all faced off with Batman and his allies over the years.
  • While testing out Plastique’s abilities, one of the objects being thrown that is held up is a boomerang. This is obviously a call to Captain Boomerang, who is a member of the Flash’s Rogue’s gallery, but Capt. Boomerang also killed Tim Drake’s father, in Identity Crisis.
  • Grodd was teased again, except this time we saw him in the cage during a flashback from five years ago. It was hinted at that he was mistreated by Eiling and definitely altered in some way genetically. Batman encountered him in Public Enemies.




Episode 6: Guilty

  • Katana shows up in a flashback and decides to teach Oliver a meditation technique. Katana has been a member of the Outsiders, which is a team that at certain times has been led and assembled by Batman, who originally founded the team.
  • More Wildcat references, as Ted Grant returned. However, in this episode it is made clear that Ted used to be a vigilante. Again, Wildcat trained both Black Canary and Batman in the boxing ring.
  • Arsenal is practically called out. Roy is referred to as part of Oliver’s arsenal. Roy is called Arsenal when he is a member of the Outsiders when Dick Grayson is running the show.




Episode 3: The Devil’s Vinyl

  • There were no references to TBU in this episode. Though, it was a great episode.


In related news, the first image of Jim Corrigan was revealed for Constantine as the character is coming to the series in episode six. Corrigan is currently appearing in Batman Eternal and will be getting his own spin-off series Gotham by Midnight later this month. Corrigan is best known for his alter ego, The Spectre.


Constantine - Season 1


Cheers. See you next week.

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