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DC TV Update: TBU Links #4

DV TV Update


Greetings and salutations Bat-fans. Happy belated Turkey Day. Remember, even Batman left a plate of Thanksgiving dinner for Solomon Grundy in “The Long Halloween.” Anyhow, our brains and bellies are full this week, despite being light an episode from “Arrow,” this week. Okay, just for mind-blowing liability reasons, please be advised that there are spoilers ahead!


Now, let us get down to business. Let’s compare notes:


the flash


Episode 7 – Power Outage

  • An interesting cameo came in the form of the “Clock King” this week. He was identified as William Tockman and was played by the same actor who played him last season on Arrow. His obsession with timepieces is intact with this interpretation. Clock King also faced our beloved Dark Knight in an incarnation on “Batman: The Animated Series.”
  • In this episode, Barry loses his powers and attempts to recreate certain conditions from the accident in order to regain his speed. Thomas Wayne also helped Barry regain his abilities in “The Flashpoint Paradox.” Thomas Wayne, in that version of Earth Prime, was that Earth’s Batman.
  • Of the several names that Dr. Wells listed, he mentioned three very important names to those of us who read comics. Al Rothstein, aka The Atom, is a member of the Justice Society. Batman, from Earth 2, was also a member of the JSA, as was Superman.
  • Another name Dr. Wells listed was Ralph Dibney, aka The Elongated Man, whose detective skills are not far behind those of Bruce Wayne. Ralph is also a member of the Justice League and has consulted for Batman before.
  • Ronnie Raymond’s name came up again, also listed by Dr. Wells. He has been established as Caitlyn’s boyfriend, however, readers know Ronnie to also be one incarnation of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. We shall see if he surfaces, as it’s possible he did go through a change during the accident.




Episode 10 – Lovecraft

  • We saw the venerable Assistant DA Harvey Dent again. Nicholas D’Agosto has not yet been added to the cast, but we have seen that he acts very much like the pre-Two-face we know Harvey to be. Jim caught him in a lie, when he discovered his name had been leaked in the underworld.
  • Selina was helping Bruce train in agility. He, also, seems to be learning to read people’s motives, and he also got a glimpse of what the streets of Gotham are like. He still has a lot of education to absorb yet.
  • Ivy Pepper reappeared. It seems she is the show’s incarnation of Poison Ivy. Even Selina Kyle was caught saying, “She’s scary.”
  • We saw further proof that Alfred must be ex-military, as he tore his way through Gotham with Bullock by his side. He more than handled everything that was thrown at him, and scoffed after being shot in the shoulder. He even waived away the EMT who was patching him up. In “Batman: Earth One,” by Geoff Johns, Alfred is ex-military, ex-special forces. He trains Bruce in the methods that he uses to begin his career as Batman.



  • Selina demonstrated truly Catwoman behavior in this episode. She lied to Bruce, withheld her true motives, and manipulated him to get what she wanted while also endangering him. If that’s not Catwoman, I don’t know what is.
  • The main assassin that was in pursuit of Bruce and Selina was meant to be a new incarnation of Copperhead as stated before the show aired by Fox. Copperhead was most recently associated with Batman in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins where the character was also reimagined as a female instead of the more classic version of the character.
  • Jim Gordon got himself reassigned by sticking to his guns. At least he’s staying true to form. However, he was reassigned to security detail at Arkham Asylum, so it’s safe to say we will be seeing more of Arkham when Gotham returns in January.




Episode 6 – Danse Vadou

  • Jim Corrigan has finally made an appearance. In fact, Zed touched him at the end of the episode. Jim was glowing in green light, shot and bleeding to death before her. John even made a huge mention of how people who know about dark magic and ghosts are marked by it. They do not change who they are, but they are marked. It’s safe to say the show is saying that Corrigan is destined to become the Spectre.




Well, we have an excellent week coming up, so stay tuned. Cheers until then, Bat-fans.

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