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DC TV Update: TBU Links #5

DV TV Update


Hello Bat-kids, I hope you learned lots at Bat-school this week. Now it’s time for your weekly schooling. As always, there are SPOILERS ahead!



Episode 6: Rage of Caliban

There were actually a couple smaller ones that I had to rewatch to catch.

  • Veitch High School: On top of being one of the best comic scribes in the business, a friend of Alan Moore’s (he told me a good story about the last time they met in London at the con I met him at), and a “Hellblazer” writer, as well, Rick Veitch is paid proper patronage in the episode, if only for a few seconds. Rick has written a particularly awesome amount of work, which did include a short stint as writer for the JLA in between writers.
  • Robin: One of the trick-or-treaters running around the street was wearing a Robin costume.

the flash

Episode 8: Flash vs. Arrow

  • “Brutal, violent, vision of of justice” – this is how Wells described Oliver’s idea of justice. I couldn’t help but notice how similar this must be to our dear Dark Knight’s justice in Gotham.
  • Huntress and Deathstroke were mentioned, having appeared in previous seasons equally. Huntress in Earth 2 was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, and in a new incarnation the daughter of a murdered mob boss. Deathstroke and Batman have crossed both paths and swords plenty of times.
  • “Giving your bad guys silly code names” – Barry is taunted by Oliver for this little tidbit, but again I couldn’t deny the comparison to Bruce. Though, Bruce never named his Rogues. They named themselves.
  • Firestorm showed up! Firestorm is a member of the JLA, and has worked with Batman and other Leaguers over the years.


Episode 8: The Brave and the Bold

  • First off, the Brave and the Bold is a recurring series, first made famous by the Flash and Green Lantern. Later, Batman would be teamed up with several different heroes from the Justice League.
  • Task Force X/Suicide Squad – this isn’t the first time we’ve been teased about Waller’s killer squad, and it probably won’t be the last.
  • Captain Boomerang was our main villain for this week. Digger Harkness was a member of Suicide Squad at one time, or several. Also, his final act of cruelty was the murder of Tim Drake’s father, in “Identity Crisis.”
  • “At the corner of Infantino and Adams” – Both Carmine Infantino and Neal Adams were a creators for DC Comics and worked on many, many issues of Batman. Neal Adams was responsible for helping aid both Siegel and Schuster gain pensions and some of the subsequent royalties for creating Superman. Neal also drew Batman for a very, long time. Carmine Infantino is a legendary artist from DC whose body of work is equally large, especially on Batman.
  • Palmer Technologies popped up in name only this week. We still have yet to see Ray put on the Atom suit, but after last episode, I’d say we are close. Probably not until “Arrow” returns after the fall finale.

That’s it for this week. I was saddened not to have a “Gotham” episode to share with you, but TBU Links will be on hiatus very soon,  as most of these series begin their holiday hiatuses. We shall see what they have in store for us in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. Same Bat time. Same… oh you already know.

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