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DC TV Update: TBU Links #7

DV TV Update


Happy holidays to all of you Bat-people. Alright, enough chit-chat. We have a lot to cover. Our networks have been busy the last few weeks, this one especially. Without further ado, let us return to our favorite Easter egg report.


the flash


Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues

      • Reverse-Flash. Though he was merely a topic of conversation, it is clear Barry’s opposite has every intention of returning and will push Barry to his limit. Reverse-Flash is better known as Professor Zoom, depending on the iteration. Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon have both held this title, to Barry and Wally, respectively. Reverse Flash engineered the events of “Flashpoint” when Barry and Batman (Thomas Wayne) had to figure out how to reverse what he’d done and return the world to a better sanity than the one it had become.
      • Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart made his return, with cohort Mick Rory, aka Heatwave. The similarities between two other Batman rogues’ should be pointed out. Mr. Freeze also carries a freeze gun, but much different technology and a far more tragic back story. However, in terms of character and personality, Mick Rory in this iteration mirrors the psychotic Firefly, a lesser known Rogue who appeared in Batgirl: Year One as a major villain. He has also faced off with the Dark Knight, of course.
      • Flash makes his existence official with Cold and Heatwave calling him out for a fight. I remember Batman had a similar conundrum when attempting to save the life of Tim Drake’s schoolmate, a young woman with mafia ties. Batman came outside in broad daylight, carrying her in his arms straight for the ambulance outside, proving his legend was no myth, once and for all.
      • Scarlet Speedster escaped Captain Cold lips. This additional moniker attached to the Flash is no different than how we refer to Batman as the Caped Crusader, or the Dark Knight. Tit for tat.




Episode 10: Left Behind

      • Roy and John are working the streets of Starling City in Oliver’s absence. Not unlike the instance when Azrael and Tim carried on without Bruce after Bane broke his back. Or even the numerous times that Dick put on the cape and cowl because Bruce would ask him to, or he felt that Batman’s presence was needed in Gotham.
      • Luckily for all of us Stephen Amell fans, Oliver is not dead as all believe him to be. He does have a long recovery ahead of him. Bruce Wayne spent a year recuperating and rebuilding his body back to its peak in the wake of Bane breaking his back. Also, lest we forget our required reading for anyone and everyone, Bruce Wayne crossed time and space, and several lives as different men in his family tree, to come back from the dead.
      • Ray Palmer continues to perfect his exoskeletal A.T.O.M. Suit. Bruce has had several incarnations of exoskeletal suits. In “Kingdom Come,” as an older man he wears one at all times due to his years of being Batman. He then wore a suit designed to wear on top of this exoskeleton (for his upper body, specifically). He wore one to fight Superman in “The Dark Knight Returns.”
      • For some reason the connection between Felicity Smoak and Barbara Gordon/Oracle has only just occurred to me. Though, Barbara is far braver and courageous than Felicity, but that’s because Felicity was never Batgirl.
      • Black Canary is officially in action. Dinah Lance has always been a good friend of Bruce Wayne’s, one of the few founding members of the original Justice League and a skilled fighter taught by Wildcat, himself. It’s good to see Laurel put the wig on in her sister’s memory and for herself, too.
      • Katana and Maseo continue to appear in both Oliver’s past and present. This week they saved his life in return for a debt Oliver seems to have earned for helping Maseo save Katana from China White. Katana is a member of the Outsiders, a group formed by Batman of various heroes.




Episode 10: The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

      • Zed mentioned that her father was a magician. Given the backwards writing we saw earlier this season, it’s easy to assume that Zatarra or Zatanna may be out there. Batman has been an ally of both John Constantine and Zatanna, as he despises magic itself to his pure logic, and science.
      • John invited a demon into himself in order to heal himself. This shows resourcefulness, if not a bit of stupidity. However, John continues to prove he’s as prepared as Batman often is. They are both equally quick witted, calm, cold, and precise when dealing with all manner of situations.




Episode 11: Rogues’ Gallery

      • The name of the episode alludes to Batman’s enemies, as a group. They are referred to as the Rogues’ Gallery. Though, it’s fair to point out that the Flash villains actually refer to themselves as the Rogues.
      • Leslie Thompkins has joined the show, for now anyway. As a doctor at Arkham Asylum, she merely looks after the inmates’ physical health. Leslie Thompkins has been a lifelong ally of Bruce Wayne’s, and graduated from medical school and practiced with Dr. Thomas Wayne. She also totally made out with Jim Gordon. Nice.
      • Selina and Ivy run into each other again. I find it interesting that the ladies of Gotham, especially these two, know each other and respect each other, occasionally. They certainly do as young as they are in the show.
      • Penguin has started correcting people and reminding them that he is “THE Penguin.” So, he has embraced the title. It is similar to a scene in “Batman Returns,” when Danny DeVito’s Penguin embraces his human moniker for the first time. He even corrects his henchmen, and says, “My name is not Penguin. It’s Oswald. Cobblepot.” Though, later in the film, he corrects them again, rejecting humanity, “My name is not Oswald. It’s Penguin!” Also, Danny DeVito gave big ups to Robin Lord Taylor recently, saying that he likes the character and the actor playing him. I don’t think you get a better compliment than that.


Episode 12: What the Little Bird Told Him

      • Ed Nygma leaves a riddle on Ms. Kringle’s desk, only to have it returned. His obsession is clearly growing and has already debilitated his mind. The Riddler is not far off, I’d say.
      • The lightning bolt above Irwin’s electronics is the same as the Flash’s symbol. Flash, in all iterations, has been an ally of the Dark Knight.
      • Electrocutioner is a real DC supervillain, not just made up for the show. Long-time Batman/Robin/Batgirl scribe Chuck Dixon co-created the character.
      • Leslie Thompkins returned yet again. Once more, she knew both Martha and Thomas Wayne and graduated from medical school with Thomas. She has helped Bruce more times than he can count.
      • Victor Zsazs reappeared also. Victor is a Batman villain who makes a tally mark on his body, with a blade, for each victim he kills. He’s a deadly assassin and bodyguard for Falcone in this iteration.


Okay. Whew. That was a lot. Alright, see you next time. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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