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DC TV Update: TBU Link #3

DV TV Update


Hey there Bat-fanatics. We had a good week as far as Bat Easter Eggs go. I won’t waste any time, but as always, spoilers ahead!


Okay, let’s get down to business. This week in stuff only people who are obsessed with comics notice:




Episode 7: Draw Back Your Bow

  • Katana appeared in flashback again. She also demonstrated her amazing skill with the weapon she’s named for by saving Oliver’s bacon in another flashback.
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom: It seems Ray has been up to more than we realized, as he began looking over the specs on his A.T.O.M. ExoSuit. So, he’s clearly planning on using that suit. Ray Palmer is a pivotal member of the Justice League, and a close ally of Batman’s.
  • Channel 52 – To remind those of you who don’t read the comics, there are 52 alternate universes within the DCU. There has even been a year spanning series of the same name, titled simply “52.”
  • This episode’s antagonist, Cupid, is sent to Amanda Waller at the end. It is then mentioned that she is being added to the Suicide Squad. Considering that Batman has a similar pattern of sending some of his more deadly, but lesser known, enemies. Diggle even gives an off-hand comment about another character who was on the team who was nuttier, possibly referring to Harley Quinn.
  • Captain Boomerang has officially shown himself, and his terrible puns. He will become a recurring character in the upcoming episodes of both Arrow and the Flash. For those not aware, Captain Boomerang murders Tim Drake’s father in “Identity Crisis,” a dark tale in the Justice League’s past and present.




Episode 9: Harvey Dent

  • Harvey Dent! Yes, we have the young Assistant District Attorney enter into the world of Gotham. He is flipping his coin several times; he violently yells at Lovecraft in his office, showing he already possesses his dark side; he is the Harvey we know because he’s willing to do anything to bust the corruption in Gotham. I hope we don’t see Two-Face too soon, if at all.




  • Blackgate Penitentiary made another appearance. This institution houses the less crazy individuals the Dark Knight runs into throughout his career.
  • Not sure if I’m crazy, but I caught a pretty good view of a bust of Shakespeare on the mantle at Wayne Manor. If so, this is a throwback to the 1960’s television series starring the amazing Adam West.
  • Bruce and Selina have met, bonded, and are now sharing the entirety of Wayne Manor. Slow down, there, show writers. We get it. Calm it down. Okay, moving on.
  • Bruce is developing his own educational curriculum. He is essentially creating the curriculum that will allow him to develop his specific knowledge areas. Most notably, the art of detection.
  • We saw a terrifying image of the newly renovated Arkham Asylum, for the criminally insane.  I really hope I don’t need to explain what Arkham Asylum is. Especially considering Joker keeps getting out of there.




Episode 4: Feast of Friends

  • There were no real references to anything Bat-related. However, this show is still up to snuff for a lesser known character from the DCU.


the flash

Episode 6: The Flash Is Born

  • The most casual and nonchalant reference to Superman I’ve ever heard. Tony Woodward, Girder, is referred to as a “Man of Steel.”
  • The Burning Man: There was a vague description of a burning man who never goes out. I asked around just for kicks and someone threw Heat Wave at me, another Flash villain. I countered with Firestorm, JLA member. It seems more likely, especially given how every metahuman thus far is due to the STAR Labs reactor incident.
  • The Reverse Flash has made it known that he is still alive and still in the twin cities. In the Flashpoint Paradox, Barry Allen works with the Batman of that reality, Thomas Wayne, to fix what has happened to their world. As it turns out, Reverse Flash is responsible for causing it all, who is subsequently stopped by Batman when he kills him.






That is all for this week. We have several awesome Flash episodes to look forward to, as well as Arrow. We have one more Gotham episode before it goes on hiatus for the holidays. I’m curious to see where we will leave off. Stay tuned, until next time Bat-fanatics.

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